Transport - Pedicabs

Recent years have seen the introduction of Pedicabs (sometimes called ‘Rickshaws’) to our streets. To some people they may provide an interesting and amusing way of getting around the West End. However, to others there is a real concern as to the way these unlicensed, uninsured vehicles ply for trade on the Public Highway and block or delay other forms of transport.

Pedicabs have caused particular problems where they park in the bus lane outside Hamley's on Regents Street, and where they ride slowly on Oxford Street where they slow down buses and other traffic.

Also, waiting outside theatres, particularly the palladium in Argyll Street and the Prince Edward Theatre in Old Compton Street.

I am working with the Council, London Organisations, Transport Department of the TfL and our MP Mark Field to help create a legislative and regulatory framework ( because no satisfactory one exists at present) to ensure that any Pedicabs are properly licensed, supervised and operate legally given that they are taking passengers for profit.

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