Fitzrovia - Cleveland Street - Old Workhouses

Although this Application is on the Camden Side of the Street it will clearly have a major effect on Westminster. The proposal is to demolish the existing eighteenth century workhouses and replace them with a large block of residential flats. Many of these units will be family sized and clearly there will be an effect on the nearby school (All Souls) and on services in the vicinity.
The application has created a good deal of local controversy and there are many calls for the retention and re-use of the buildings. A Link is provided to the Fugitive Ink Blog and for Anyone who wants to sign an e-petition – please look at homepage and follow the links to Strand Union Workhouse.

Although this is not in Westminster, Westminster and the Council are able to make representations given its proximity to the border.

To view the planning applications please follow the two links below. All of the necessary application documents are available.

Middlesex Hospital Annex - Planning Application 1
Middlesex Hospital Annex - Planning Application 2

Click on the link to view a brochure representing proposal plans for the redevelopment of the former Middlesex Hospital Annex Site.

Middlesex Hospital Annex Site

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