Licensing Enforcement Team - Premises Visits

On Friday night and Saturday morning I worked with the Licensing Enforcement Team in relation to their activities for licensed premises.

Although it was pouring with rain the West End was as ever busy and we visited a number of properties where residents and others have complained about issues to see whether compliance was taking place.

Although the teams concerned covered many more premises I was present at the following inspections in West End Ward:-

1. The King and Queen Public House - Foley Street, London W1. There have been ongoing complaints in relation to noise emanating from this property from residents in John Aster House. We undertook an inspection from within those premises and although there was some noise it was not at nuisance level during the inspection.

2. The Punch Bowl - Farm Street, London W1. We undertook a visit to inspect recent alterations to the fire exit doors and to check the general compliance with the license conditions.

The works for the fire door had been completed and there was no evidence of unlawful smoking or outdoor drinking at the time of inspection.

3. The Only Running Footman - Charles Street, London W1. The team inspected the premises to see whether there were any problems with outside drinking causing an obstruction to traffic and pedestrians. There were no problems at the time of the inspection.

4. Mamounia - Curzon Street, London W1. There have been complaints in relation to the breach of the Health Act in relation to smoking at the premises. There were no breaches apparent during the inspection. There have also been issues in relation to CCTV and the license holder said that those had now been resolved and are fully compliant with police requirements.

5. Katies - Lansdowne Row, London W1. A visit to ensure that there were no breaches of the Health Act (relating to smoking) there were no breaches evident on this occasion.

6. Cafe Lazeez - Dean Street, London W1. We visited to ensure that the fire door was not being wedged open. It was not.

7. The Groucho Club - Dean Street, London W1. The premises were visited as there had been a suggestion that there had been a change of management and possible non-compliance with the license conditions. There was no evidence of this but further investigation will be made.

8. DIU - Greek Street, London W1. The premises were visited to ensure that the CCTV was working properly and a test was run. Further investigation will be made. Also the license holder was reminded that they must not "tout" for business as a condition of their license.

9. Millennium Britannia Hotel - Grosvenor Square, London W1 and Adams Row, London W1. A visit was undertaken (to deal with concerns with relation to noise nuisance) to residents in Adams Row caused by customers leaving through the rear doors. The matter was discussed with the manager and further action will now be taken to ensure compliance.

10. Korkers - D'Arblay Street, London W1. We undertook an inspection to ensure that the property is now closed and confirmed that it was.

11. Moonlighting - Greek Street, London W1. A visit to the premises was undertaken at the request of the police following concerns as to incidents both in and immediately outside the property. These were discussed with the manager and the CCTV implication reviewed.

12. The Crown and Two Chairmen - Dean Street, London W1. A visit to the premises was undertaken at the request and suggestion of the police. We spoke to the manager at length in relation to the issues concerning a significant number of bag thefts which have taken place. The manager described the methods being undertaken to ensure that such problems are minimised going forward.

13. The British Luxury Club - Following expressions of concern from local residents I visited Brook Street at 03:00am to observe any patrons coming out of the club in New Bond Street and causing nuisance to residents. Whilst the rest of the enforcement team stayed in Brook Street I went to the premises in New Bond Street and apart from the door supervisors did not observe any disturbance taking place whilst I was there.

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