Mayfair - Oxford Street & Regent Street - VIP Day November 27th.

On Saturday Oxford Street was closed so that shoppers could take over Oxford Street and Regent Street as the latest VIP (very important pedestrians) proved to be a huge success.

All along the streets entertainment was provided and exhibits and special offers to encourage people to come to the West End and enjoy their shopping without worrying about the buses and taxis which habitually clog the streets at other times.

Hundreds of thousands of people came and it is estimated by NWEC (who helped to organise the day) that some £200,000,000 was taken by the shops on that day proving the enduring popularity of the West End as a shopping destination second to none.

At the opening ceremony Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas (Chairman of NWEC) and Robert Davis (Deputy Leader of WCC and Deputy Lord Mayor Locum Tenens) praised the co-operation between the business owners and organisations, who are so vital to the prosperity of the West End and the local community who have worked together to provide visitors with memories of a great and enjoyable day.

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