East Marylebone - Tree Planting

Barbara doing the honours
To support my passion for tree planting and 'greening' of the West End, I attended a ceremonial tree planting on the historic Weymouth Street at the corner of Portland Place. The planting is part of the W1W Tree Initiative's work to create green avenues throught East Marylebone. Works have been completed on Hallam Street and further planting is plabnned for Great Portland St, Devonshire St, New Cavendish St, Queen Anne St etc.

The trees help to improve air quality and provide habitat for birds and insects which maintain biodiversity as well as adding to the visual attractiveness of the area.

Miss Barbara Windsor, MBE, actress and local resident, was a guest at the event and planted a tree to mark the arrival of 53 new chanticleer pear trees. Cllr Harvey Marshall as Lord Mayor Locum Tenens unveiled a commemorative plaque to mark the occasion.

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