Crossrail - Bond Street - Site Changes

Weekends of the 11th/12th and 18th/19th December 2010 will see changes to the site hoarding and the removal of traffic lights on Davies Street. This is in preperation for the closure of Davies Street in the New Year.

For further information on the works please see the information sheet displayed below.

Site hoarding changes and removal of traffic lights on Davies Street -

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3 Responses to “Crossrail - Bond Street - Site Changes”

  1. Hi, I've just noticed chaos to my bus route which is a result of the morphing of Oxford St./Crossrail.

    My neighbourhood is effectively turned upside down. It's no longer the case where I can plan from getting from point A to point B with encountering a barrier on the street or road--witness Hanover Square!

    Thanks for keeping us abreast and consolidating all these major changes in the West End onto one site!

  2. There are more changes likely to affect the West End coming in soon and I will try and post them up as soon as I am made aware of them. Glad you find the blog useful.

  3. I think you should make it plain that there are two other excellent hardworking councillors in the West end, namely Cllr Frixos Tombolis and Cllr Glenys Roberts. How come there is no reference to them on this blog when the majority of these issues are West End ward business and are addressed by them as well. I believe that I speak for many active residents in the ward