Licensing Enforcement Team - Premises Visits

The work of the licensing enforcement team continues. Over the last week they have been to inspect these premises.

Maroush Restaurant - 3-4 Vere Street: Inspection of premises. Premises found to be breaching a licence condition; CCTV images kept for only 7 days (instead of the required 31 days). Licence holder has given undertaking to rectify early next week.
Tiger Spice - 32 Old Compton Street: Premises have just submitted application for a new premises licence. Visit to ensure no licensable activities taking place. Notice at entrance informing customers of pending application. No alcohol was on sale and notices displayed on all tables stating that customers could bring their own alcohol (with no corkage charge). Informed by manager that premises closes at 11pm.
The Golden Lion
Follow-up visit. No issues found, premises were closing at time of visit and staff were cashing up.

Golden Lion - Dean Street: Observations on premises following concerns of public safety and public nuisance (patrons blocking footpath).   Barriers were taking up less than half of the public highway. 8 persons seen outside, all were behind the barriers. No issues affecting licensing objectives were witnessed.

Hostess Bar - 1 Tisbury Court: Visit to make sure licensee has received recent letter about touting, but visit revealed concerns about the managers on duty

Two Floors - Kingly Street: Joint visit with Metropolitan Police due to recent crime statistics, again, mainly thefts. Premises are currently engaging with specialist dip team in an attempt to reduce it.

The Running Footman - 5 Charles Street: No pavement overcrowding on this occasion (visit because of Officers’ safety concerns)

The Punchbowl - Farm Street: No pavement overcrowding

Le Rififi Club - 15A Hay Hill: Full inspection of premises, accompanied by duty manager. Premises found to be well managed at time of visit and were compliant with their licence conditions. No issues affecting the licensing objectives were identified.

French House - Dean Street: No pavement overcrowding

Moonlighting - 16-17 Greek Street: Joint visit with the Metropolitan Police. Visit to premises in response to Police concerns that CCTV was not available on a night in question when there was an alleged assault by a member of security staff. CCTV has since been viewed and Police are satisfied that no crime was committed. Advice given re: possible updating of the CCTV system.

British Sex shop - 8 Green’s Court: Notice check for Sex Shop Licence application dated 22/11/10 in order.

Mayfair Club - 49-50 Dover Street: Visit to premises following concerns regarding crime & disorder. As per Metropolitan Police recommendations, the premises are now using polycarbonate and two members of staff have taken the personal licence holders course. Observations carried out on outside area, no issues affecting licensing objectives were witnessed.

Pulcinella Old - Compton Street: Tables and Chairs inside on time.  Visit because of allegation of late removal
The Roxy

The Roxy - 3-5 Rathbone Place: Joint visit with Metropolitan Police. Visited in relation to recent crime statistics (mainly thefts). A debriefing also took place regarding an apparent assault; premises were fully cooperative with Police on the night in question. Suitable crime prevention advice given and gratefully received.

McDonalds - 291B Oxford Street: Full inspection of late night refreshment premises. Premises fully compliant with licence conditions and were promoting the licensing objectives.

CafĂ© Libre - 22 Great Marlborough Street: Visit following invalidation of TEN to provide licensable activities between terminal hour of 00:00 and 02:00. Premises closed at time of visit and last customers leaving. Manager confirmed TEN not to be used.

Movida - 8 Argyll Street: Joint visit with Metropolitan Police. Welfare check and met with Head of Security (Profile Protection Security). Observations on outside area, strong presence of SIA who were managing the patrons in queue/smoking area.

Amalfi Restaurant - 29 Old Compton Street: Visit to meet new DPS. Not there at time of visit, but spoke with assistant manager. General advice given re: licensing objectives.

Automat - Dover Street & Almada (Manray) - Berkely Street: These venues are linked at basement level and owned by the same person. Both venues run tonight in accordance with licensing law. A private party was taking place in the basement of Automat, and music was being played, but it was not audible in the street, or at a level likely to cause a nuisance to residents in flats above.

Hotel Inter-Continental - 1 Hamilton Place: Visit with police who wished to speak to manager about recent incident ( a fight between 2 very drunk customers at an event with a free bar. One of them was taken to hospital. The venue did not call the police, and failed to preserve the crime scene.  When police did arrive, they found the CCTV recordings to be of such a poor quality that they were of no use) The managers met did not fill the Police or WCC with confidence. They could not even produce the licence, and admitted they have not reported the hospitalisation of one of their customers under the RIDDOR Regs.

British Luxury Club

British Luxury Club - 70-71 New Bond Street: This morning’s visit reveals the venue is trading under a TEN till 6am with a permitted number of 200 people.  Only 137 present, so no breach. Event seemed to be well run on this occasion.  Had brief discussion with owner, Mr Engleman, about the recently resolved Review of the premises licence. NFA

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