Licensing Enforcement Team - Premises Visits

Hog In The Pound
The work of the Westminster licensing enforcement team on behalf of residents continued last week. The team has been to inspect the premises listed below.

Hog In The Pound, South Molton Street
The premises was visited to check up on alleged anti-social behaviour. Complainant visited during previous week admitted she has no evidence to attribute behaviour to pub and it is just that they are the closest to her property. No evidence of alleged behaviour at time of visit, pub very quiet in accordance to DPS’s claims that they are an early evening pub not a late night venue.

Cirque Du Soir, New Burlington Street
Premises visited due to allegation that there is serious overcrowding on Monday nights. At time of visit, it was found that a failure to complete written records had resulted in premises being overcrowded by 10 additional customers. DPS advised to manage that by refusing attendance until numbers down, and by keeping hourly logs. Some evidence that they were managing capacity between ground and basement levels but no evidence of unsafe performances taking place or drunkenness.

Rocket, Lancashire Mews
Observations of Lancashire Mews due to noise complaints. During the teams visit, a group of up to 9 was found making excessive noise. Enquiries were made as to which premises they had been to and ascertained it was Rocket. Manager advised, and was very apologetic. She them remedied the situation immediately. Manager advised of risk of review if noise complaints continue.

St Mark’s Church, North Audley Street, W1
A noise complaint was received last week, abatement notice served.  The team attended to discuss arrangements with manager who stated that they have now sound—proofed the stained glass windows & are controlling how people leave the premises, to reduce disturbance.There are plans to meet with the managers in the near future.

Hog in the Pound, South Molton Street, W1
Previous complaint of anti social behaviour from the premises customers, urinating & defecating on local business’ doorsteps.  Pub quiet – no evidence that the problems are as result of the premises.  The team spoke to the Street Warden & Police to ask them to monitor area.

Soho Japan
Soho Japan, Wells Street, W1
Premises had applied for a Temporary Event Notice which was invalid.  The team visited to ensure they were not operating under the TEN – the premises closed.

Merah, Wells Street, W1
Premises queue & smokers had no order, blocking entire pavement & causing problems to traffic in the area.  The team spoke to the DPS who appreciated the point made & agreed to rectify immediately.

China White, Winsley Street, W1
Observation of premises to see how the queue was being managed.  Extremely orderly, well managed queue & smoking area.

The Shaftesbury, Shaftesbury Avenue, W1
There is a condition on the licence stating that the smoking area should be 1 metre wide – at time of the teams visit an area of approximately 2 metres was being used. DPSr asked to rectify & he agreed to do so immediately.

Sweatbox, Ramillies House, 1-3 Ramillies Street, W1
This is a Gym which applied for a Temporary Event Notice but a counter notice was issued as they have exceeded the number of dates allowed. The team spoke with the manager who confirmed that they were not operating.

Cirque De Soir
Cirque De Soir, 12 New Burlington Street, W1
Following a visit on Monday night, where capacity was exceeded, the team returned to check compliance. On this occasion we found that the recording of numbers by staff was inaccurate. We walked through the premises with the manager & found no evidence of overcrowding. However, as their methods of recording are ineffective we will need to speak to the manager. The team also asked them to stop allowing new customers in until a recount is undertaken. 

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