Licensing Enforcement Team - Premises Visits

The work of the Westminster licensing enforcement team on behalf of residents continued last week. The team has been to inspect the premises listed below:  

The Shaftesbury
Shaftesbury, 39-45 Shaftesbury Avenue, W1  Premises gave undertaking at a recent review hearing to ensure the smoking area outside the premises was no more than 1 meter deep. No customers were seen smoking outside at the time of the teams visit.
A further visit was made and only 3 customers were seen outside smoking. 
During a follow-up visit, 6 customers were outside smoking and the premises were very quiet. There were also no issues re: the 1 meter undertaking.

Automat, Dover Street, W1 The team walked past the venue which revealed no noise escaping. The venue appeared to be closed for the evening.

No 5, 5 Cavendish Square, W1 Tasking item: The team was asked to check for signs of drunkenness at the Police’s request.
Movida, Argyll Street, W1 The team visited following a newspaper article alleging drunkenness at the venue. Premises were very quiet due to the cold weather. The team met with DPS and had a walk through of the premises. No issues were found.

Mahiki, 1 Dover Street, W1
Tasking item; no evidence of double or illegal parking in the vicinity of Mahiki.

The team also entered the premises with the police, following a recent Evening Standard article about drunkenness.  No evidence of this seen on this (or previous) occasion.

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