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New Year's Day Parade

In common with many of my Council colleagues I will be joining the Westminster City Council Float for which this years theme is Peter Pan and participating in the Parade which has now become the largest of its kind in Europe.

Starting from the Ritz the Parade makes its way to the Houses of Parliament and in previous years as many as 1 million people have lined the route.

Hope to see you there!

New Year's Eve Information

Please see the attached document below displaying road closures and information for New Year's Eve in the West End.

Have a safe and enjoyable time!

Road_Closures_NYE_2011_merged -

Crossrail - Western Ticket Hall Piling Update & Christmas Shutdown

The latest update from Crossrail is displayed below. Please see for the latest works being undertaken and for plans over the festive period.

Western Ticket Hall Piling Update and Christmas Shutdown -

Former Middlesex Hospital - Newsletter 1

Please see below the first newsletter for the development of the Middlesex Hospital site which provides the latest news and progress.

Newsletter 1 - December 2011 - Former Middlesex Hospital -

House of St Barnabas - Christmas Carol Service

The House of St Barnabas cordially invites you to our Christmas Carol Service -

Poland Street

The long running problems associated with the closure of Poland Street are now nearing an end.

The development which had obtained rights to close the public highway is nearly complete (see the brochure attached) which means that traffic flow should be restored helping to alleviate some of the problems caused to traffic by various developments and particularly by the works being undertaken by Crossrail.

1-5 Poland Street Newsletter Dec 2011 -

The Soho Community Christmas Party

A Christmas Party will be taking place on Friday 16th December courtesy of the West End Community Trust. Food, wine and Carol singing will create a great festive event that looks to bring the Soho community together. Please see the invitation below for further details.

WECTXmasPartyFlyer v2 FC A4 -

Crossrail - Closure of Gilbert Street

Please see below the latest Information Sheet from Crossrail.

gilbert_street_closed_for_an_hour_on_saturday_mornings_until_end_january_2012 -

Oxford Street/Berwick Street – Redevelopment Proposals

One of the proposals to redevelop along East Oxford Street has now reached the point of Public Consultation and the developers are undertaking an exhibition for 149-151 Oxford Street and 59 Berwick Street.

The exhibitions will be taking place at St Annes, Soho, 55 Dean Street on Monday 5th December from 4pm to 6:30pm and again on Tuesday 6th December between 3pm to 6:30pm.

It is important that local businesses and residents have the opportunity to participate in the consultation at this stage as well as when the matter goes for formal consideration on its planning application.

Images of what is proposed are attached and full details can be seen at the exhibition or obtained from the developers.

BBC - Portland Place Redevelopment Progress Update

In less than 60 days, the first BBC staff will begin to move into Phase Two of the Broadcasting House development. Please see the November 2011 Newsletter below for further information.

Issue 25 FINAL -

Oxford Street – Bond Street – Utility Delays

London Underground have now officially confirmed what we all feared that the time required to move the large water mains means that work will not, as had been anticipated, be finished during November or indeed prior to Christmas. This means that there will be a period during which works will not take place over Christmas and New Year and works will be carried out for a period of, currently estimated at 13 weeks in 2012.

This is disappointing because it will continue to adversely affect the businesses and residents in the area.

Although everybody understands that the diversions are both required and are a complex piece of engineering it is disappointing that we could not have had more notice of the problem which must have been apparent for some time.

I attach an official update from London Underground to whom I have expressed my concerns.

London Underground. Oxford Street utility works update -

Mayfair - Oxford Street - Park House Redevelopment

Quick progress is being made on the redevelopment of Park House. Please see the latest newsletter for up to date information and pictures.

Park House Newsletter November 2011 -

Back Boris 2012 - Canvassing

With less than six months to go to the Mayoral Elections canvassing has started in earnest to ensure Boris' re-election.

i was out and about colleagues from CLWCA and beyond canvassing in Pimlico as part of the Back Boris 2012 campaign.

Crossrail - Construction of grout shafts starts in Soho Square

After false starts and delays in getting works underway consent has now been granted from Westminster City Council to proceed with the grout shaft works in Soho Square. Please see the Information Sheet below for further details.

C300-XRL-Z-XBU-N105-50002 Construction of grout shafts starts in Soho Square -

Crossrail - November 2011 Bulletin

Please see below the November 2011Crossrail Bulletin for all the latest news and information.

bulletin_24.web_version_2 -

Trenchard House - Public Exhibition

After many years of laying empty Tenchard House is now to be redeveloped to provide much needed housing in Soho.

A Public Exhibition to show the current proposal is being prepared and anticipation of a planning application being lodged later in the year.

I would urge you to go along to the exhibition to see what is proposed so that your comments can be included in the formulation of ideas for this important site.

Trenchard House Flyer- FINAL -

Piccadilly Two Way Traffic Scheme

A £14 million scheme to help ease traffic congestion was unveiled yesterday on the southern border of West End Ward which I am delighted to see it restored to two way working after 40 years. It was opened by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson who is pictured with Colin Barrow (Leader of the Council) and Roger Bright (from the Crown Estate).

The Dog Factor

I recently attended the 'Dog Factor' organised by both CityWest Homes in and local residents in Queen's Park.

The show featured a variety of dogs in the categories Pup Idol, I Love My Staffi, Best Rescue Dog, Miss Diva, Best Senior Citizen, Best Socialised Dog/ Owner and the grand finale, 'The Dog Factor'.

It was a successful community event and the show was also used to promote responsible dog ownership in the Queens Park Area.

Crossrail - Diaphragm Walling Begins For The Western Ticket Hall

Please see below for the latest works to be undertaken by Crossrail.

c411-xrl-z-xbu-c125-50003_diaphragm_walling_begins_for_the_western_ticket_hall -

Vigil Against Hate Crime - Friday 28th October

A Vigil Against Hate Crime has been organised by 17-24-30 in partnership with the Harvey Milk Foundation will start from 7:30PM and a two minute silence for the victims of hate crime will take place at 8:00PM.

I am hoping to attend tomorrow to show my support for this worthy cause.

Updated Vigil Poster -

The Soho Society – Business Re-Launch

The Soho Society, the Amenity Society which represents both residents and businesses in Soho re-launched its business group on Tuesday.

At a reception attended by the Lord Mayor of Westminster, Councillor Susie Burbridge, representatives of businesses including land owners, restauranteurs and others working in Soho met to discuss how to ensure that Soho’s business voice is heard in the processes in which the Amenity Society works.

As the statutory consultees on planning and licensing matters the Soho Society has to find a balance between the residential amenity of those living in the area and the proper interest of the business community that creates the vibrancy and character of Soho.

The reception was hosted by 40 Dean Street.

The Picture shows the Lord Mayor of Westminster, Cllr. Susie Burbridge, Simon Quayle (from Shaftesbury Plc) Nima Safaei (owner of 40 Dean Street) and me at the launch.

Mayfair - Oxford Street - Park House Redevelopment

Quick progress is being made on the redevelopment of Park House. Please see the latest newsletter for new updates and pictures.

Park House Newsletter October 2011 (2)

Organic kiosk to serve good food on Oxford Street

A Planning application has been made by Organic Joe’s which intends to bring reasonably priced homemade and wholesome organic food kiosk to the heart of London’s West End.

If approved the kiosk will replace the existing fruit stall which has been in the same family ownership for decades with a kiosk specially designed to sell organic food and drinks and to provide breakfast, lunches and snacks throughout the day to serve residents, visitors and tourists.

As far as I am aware this is the first fully organic kiosk in the West End and will add a healthy option to the choice of fast food available.

To view and to comment on the application please follow the link provided below.

Organic Food Kiosk - Reference Number 11/04289/FULL.

Carlisle Street – New Public Art

An application has been made for an exciting new addition to public art in Soho.

Base2Stay, the developers of the hotel currently under construction have made an application to put up a new art work depicting a fairy above a group of masks. The fairy represents Hypnos, Goddess of sleep, and the masks refer to the theatrical and cultural activities of Soho.

The work is by artist Hew Locke who is well known for his colourful and imaginative pieces elsewhere.

If the application is successful the piece has every opportunity of becoming a new landmark and a welcome addition to the area in the best traditions of public art.

Scheme for Public Art -- October 05

The Former Middlesex Hospital Site - Public Exhibition Boards

The planning application has gone to public consultation on behalf of the new owners, Exemplar Properties.

This is a major application and is a great chance for you to get your comments and ideas heard by sending an email to

You can view the Public Exhibition Boards by clinking on this link or by visiting

Berwick Street

Progress is now being made to achieve the objective of revitalising and upgrading Berwick St Market and the surrounding streets.

The Council is in discussions with an experienced developer with a view to investing both in the market and Public Realm whilst maintaining the unique character and tenant mix of the shops.

If all goes well a lease of the shops and offices will be granted which will ensure the necessary investment to improve and revitalize the market and surrounding areas.

The Evening Standard picked up on this last week and although no transaction has yet been agreed a copy of the article is below and a link to it is attached. 

Dying Soho market to be made into vibrant 'village high street'

The heart of Soho will be transformed into a bustling "village high street" under plans drawn up by Westminster council.

The authority wants to regenerate the historic but struggling Berwick Street fruit and vegetable market as a food thoroughfare for locals and tourists.

Local ward councillor Jonathan Glanz, who is also cabinet member for planning, said: "The plans we've been working on aim to revitalise the market and make it fit for the 21st century so that Berwick Street's status as Soho's high street can be restored."

The council is believed to be close to appointing veteran property developer Peter Beckwith's PMB Holdings as its preferred partner in the scheme.

Mr Glanz said Berwick Street needed major infrastructure investment including access to water and electricity for traders and providing proper storage for stalls.

The market, which dates from 1778, attracts only a fraction of the trade that it drew in its heyday after the Second World War, when the market was known for offering "exotic" foods such as olive oil that were then unavailable on high streets. Just a handful of traders now survive in an area that is a notorious haunt for drug dealers and prostitutes after dark.

Mr Glanz added: "It's just a shame that something that offers a direct route between Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus isn't working for whatever reason. It provides a wonderful opportunity to draw people into streets that are less polluted.

"The existing fruit and vegetable stalls provide a useful service to local people and we certainly wouldn't want to scare them away in favour of some organic, hand-knitted chi-chi option."

But Terry Townsend, 49, who has run a fruit stall on the market for 30 years, said: "I'm not at all optimistic, I'm a realist. There's not enough people walking through here. Twenty years ago, it would take you 15 minutes to walk down here. Now you can have a game of cricket and you won't hit anyone."

Crossrail - St George Street - Update

Accommodation facilities for construction workers will be located on George Street from today and will remain there for approximately five weeks. For further information on this please read the information sheet below.

installation_of_welfare_facilities_in_st_george_street_2_ -

Evening Standard Article: Our Plans To Reward Work In Housing Queue

Article in Today's London Evening Standard on our plans to back employed in council housing queue:

"Unemployed people will be sent to the back of the queue for council housing under a London scheme set to be copied across the country.

Westminster is prioritising those with jobs as it bids to bring down its housing benefit bill. Adults who have been in work for two years- or actively seeking a job - will leapfrog those on the dole.

The Government immediately praised the scheme. Politicians from the three main parties are warning that the multi-billion-pound benefits bill has to be cut.

Housing minister Grant Shapps told the Standard: "Hardworking families instinctively know that the 'something for nothing' culture has to end and so it's right that councils are able to reflect local priorities in their housing policy."

With other town halls expected to follow Westminster's lead, he added: "Local authorities of all political persuasions are introducing measures to ensure that people who work hard, play by the rules and are responsible, get fair access to housing in this country."

In his speech to the Labour conference, party leader Ed Miliband also vowed to end the "something for nothing culture" and wants people who work or volunteer to get priority over benefit claimants on housing lists.

Richard Blakeway, Boris Johnson's housing adviser, said: "The Mayor supports anything which promotes people to get into work while balancing this with the responsibility to help the most vulnerable." The Coalition is imposing new caps of £400 a week on housing benefit and of £26,000 a year on overall benefits per household, though, this policy could be weakened slightly.

Ministers argue that people living on benefits should not be handed state payouts allowing them to live in homes which working families can only dream of buying or renting.... [Full article]"

Starting in 2012 Westminster Council will award 50 points to people who have been in work for more than two years, or at least looking for a job for the same period.

As cabinet member for housing and corporate property, I am delighted that we can introduce this scheme which acknowledges and rewards people who are contributing to the economy.

Westminster has gone from having 48 per cent of people in social housing not working to 68 per cent. We have got so many people not working that it gives worklessness an attractiveness as a way of life.

Crossrail - Bond Street Station Update

For the latest updates and works about to take place in and around the Bond Street Station area please see the attached files below.

Bond St PDF's -

Housing - Westminster - Conservative Home

Below is my article published on Conservative Home which you can find at Conservative Home Blogs.

As Labour debates employment at its conference in Liverpool today Westminster City Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Cllr Jonathan Glanz looks at the Opposition’s position on social housing allocations and considers how his decision to prioritise employed households might have resulted in tensions at the top of the Labour Party.

I was very pleased to read on these pages recently about the Labour Party’s apparent change of tack on the inclusion of employment status in the allocation criteria for social housing.

As well as awarding points for long-term residency in Westminster, from 30th January 2012, applicants to the City Council will also gain additional points if the main applicant and/or their partner can demonstrate two years of continuous employment. We think this will not only incentivise employment, it will also reward those who work hard for their families and make a big contribution to our communities.

In addition to Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Liam Byrne’s backing for such an approach, the Shadow Communities Secretary, Caroline Flint recently praised Labour-run Newham Council, for proposing a similar policy, calling that council, and others, (presumably the likes of Westminster and Wandsworth) ‘progressive’ for giving priority to residents in employment.

I have written to both Ms Flint and Mr Byrne asking if they will help me to convince our local MP, and member of the latter’s frontbench Work and Pensions team, Karen Buck, of the merits of our approach. Earlier this year she denounced our policy, telling a local newspaper that it would ‘cause real misery’, before going on to say that:

“Policies like this often sound superficially attractive but unravel in the face of real lives and real circumstances”

Given that this now seems to be Labour Party policy I hope that Ms Buck and the local Labour Party group will work with us to ensure that social housing allocations are fairer in the future and resist the temptation to score political points by preying on the anxieties of some of society’s most vulnerable people

Growth and Localism Report - Now Published

A report on growth and localism was published today to which I contributed. Hopefully this will help the debate on providing for housing needs under the new legislation to be more fully understood. I was happy to contribute to ensure that the particular concerns of Westminster and the West Eend were included.

Please click the link to download the online flipbook.

Mayfair - How Green Is Your City?

An event at the Mayfair Library, 25 South Audley Street which will be hosted by One Mayfair will be taking place on Monday 26th October at 6:00pm. Please see the leaflet below for further details.

How Green Poster 2011 -

Crossrail Update - Bond Street Station

Please see the latest letter provided by Crossrail which helps to explain ongoing construction works.

LU and Crossrail update - Bond Street area -

Mayfair - Oxford Street - Park House Redevelopment

Quick progress is being made on the redevelopment of Park House. Please see the newsletter below to get the latest updates and pictures.

Park House Newsletter September 2011 -

Crossrail - Update

The Newsletter below from Crossrail provides great detail about works that have been undertaken and what to expect from the next phase of works which are set to begin in the very near future.

crl_bond_street_drop_boards_aug_2011 -

Crossrail - Major Works - Soho Square

On the 12th September Crossrail are going to commence the sinking of four compensation grouting shafts in anticipation of the tunnelling works to come. These will require hoarding off areas of all four corners of the Square and to vehicular traffic in the northern part of the Square and the creation of the two way traffic scheme on the eastern side of the square to maintain what limited access will remain.

It will also involve the loss of a motorcycling bay, 29 pay by phone spaces and a car club space.

The details are set out below but I have been lobbying hard to ensure that Crossrail replicate the parking arrangements which are likely to be lost until 2015 when the works are due to be scaled down and complete.

I am also concerned about the affects on future events in the square, particularly during Olympic year and World Pride in 2012.

These works are yet a further inconvenience being placed on the West End by the Crossrail project and related utilities diversions. Whilst Crossrail may have the power, pursuant to the Crossrail Act, to undertake these work it is important that they realise just how inconvenient they are to residents and businesses and that they should work closely with the local community to minimize these adverse affects.

construction_of_four_grout_shafts_in_soho_square -

The Hog in the Pound - Demolition – South Molton St

Demolition is due to start on the old Hog in the Pound to facilitate its replacement with new building inspired by New York’s famous Flat Iron Building. 

However in the meantime this is going to cause a certain amount of additional problems for people in and around the area of Davies Street which will remain closed for utilities diversion work associated with Crossrail. The current temporary arrangement whereby traffic is allowed to go along South Molton Street in two way traffic and which uses South Molton Lane will have to provide for the demolition lorries as well. 

The proposal to upgrade the Public Realm in South Molton Street is also continuing and this will mean that the existing surfaces will have to be removed and relayed. 

The objective of this is to ensure that South Molton Street and the areas around it are in the best condition for the Olympics.

It is likely to lead to a difficult period of up to nine months where the work will be going on in tandem.

Crossrail are now proposing to keep Davies Street closed until the spring of 2012 although the works on the main carriage way of Oxford Street are due to be completed prior to the beginning of December. In order to facilitate this, Crossrail have applied for permission to work 24 hours although permanent resurfacing may be delayed until early 2012.  

No to Hate Crime – Vigil 2011

A fundraising event organized by the 17-24-30 group will be taking place at the Green Carnation in Soho on the 11th September, a date synonymous with hate crime.

The event is being held from 3-9pm and on display will be top cabaret entertainment, a raffle and an auction of goodies to help fund the No to Hate Crime Vigil 2011 that will be hosted at Trafalgar Square in October.

West End Luxury Stores Link With Their Tokyo Counterparts

Sales at Luxury Stores at the heart of London’s West End continue to go from strength to strength in spite of difficult economic and trading conditions elsewhere.

The centre of the Luxury Quarter is in and around Bond Street, St James’s, Jermyn Street, Savile Row and ‘Maison retail streets’ like Mount Street. The international importance of this exciting group of retailers has been recognised by a twining agreement with the Marunouchi Shopping District of Tokyo where a similar group of Luxury Stores catering to an international and discerning clientele have agreed to work together.

The New West End Company (NWEC) which represents business interest in Oxford Street, Bond Street and Regent Street and the surrounding areas have announced details of this arrangement underlining the huge importance to the West End economy of the Luxury Shops which encourage high spending tourists and local residents to enjoy the very best of retail available in the world.

Crossrail - Demolition Works

The Crossrail Information Sheet, displayed below, gives details of demolition works that will be taking place throughout August until November. Please read the information to see whether the works could affect you.

demolition_works_start_in_august_2011 -

Crossrail - BT Cabling Works at Night

Please see the latest update from Crossrail. Works are set to begin from 22nd August 2011 for three weeks.

bt_cabling_works_at_night -

City of Westminster - Canvasser Recruitment

Westminster is in the process of recruiting canvassers to help assist with keeping the electoral register up to date. Keeping an accurate and up to date record of who is entitled to vote is not just important for the democratic process but can help Westminster to ensure it receives its full allocation of Central Government grants. From an individual prospective it is used as part of the credit checking process.

This is an opportunity to help those objectives and make money. If you would like to know more about the recruitment process please read the attached file below. Contact details are also provided within the document so if you have any questions please get in touch directly with those undertaking the recruitment.

Canvasser Recruitment Ad -

Mayfair - Oxford Street - Park House Redevelopment

Quick progress is being made on the redevelopment of Park House. Please see the newsletter below to get the latest updates and pictures.

Park House Newsletter August 2011 -

London Riots - Convict and Evict!

Following the riots that have taken place over the past few days, anyone caught and convicted who lives in West End Ward could be evicted. Please click the following links to the Guardian Online, Conservative Home, and Huffington Post to read more on the approach from Westminster City Council.

London Riots - Update for Businesses

Please see the document below provided by the Metropolitan Police.

MPS_disorder_update_for_business_100811 -

Olympic Route Network Update

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will affect everyone who travels and works in London. Planning ahead is essential for businesses to minimise disruptions to their employees, their premises and their deliveries. Think about how the Games could affect you and make your preparations now.

To get detailed information on the Olympic Route Network and TfL’s plans for the Games follow this link - TfL - 2012 Olympic Games. Travel advice for businesses is also available here.

Attached below are links to various documents which give details of areas that will be affected by the Olympic and Paralympic Route Network.

Victoria to Embankment.
Parliment Square to Vauxhall Cross.
Cumberland Road to Serpentine Road (Hyde Park).
A4 Earls Court Road to Hyde Park Corner.

TfL have released Central London Zone maps that give details of temporary changes to Central London Roads during the Games. TfL are also running information drop-in sessions at the following locations:

+ Monday 22 August (11:00 - 14:00): Mayfair Library, 25 Audley Street, London, W1K 2PB.
+ Tuesday 23 August (16:30 - 19:30): Millennium Hotel, 39-44 Grosvenor Square, London, W1K 2HP.

Central_London_ORN_maps_complete -

The Former Middlesex Hospital Site - Exhibition Boards

A planning application is being prepared on behalf of the new owners, Exemplar Properties, in relation to this major site.

The application is significantly different from the consented scheme as it is to create a series of buildings of different styles and heights rather than the approach taken by the previous architects on behalf of the then owners, Candy and Candy. The new application preserves the chapel and the developers are proposing to include a health centre (to replace the one in Fitzroy Square in Camden) and to make available space to All Souls School for use as a multipurpose hall.

The composition of the scheme includes significant levels of both private and affordable housing as well as retail and commercial and provides a mixed development. .

The developers have undertaken some local consultation with residents and Amenity Society groups and that process will continue as the planning application is reviewed. A copy of the documents forming part of the planning application is shown below and any comments should be addressed to the planners under reference (to be allocated).

This is a major application and this will probably be the best opportunity to improve this site for the benefit of residents.

The developers will also be required to improve the Public Realm in and around the development and are being asked to include the planting of trees. They will be encouraged to undertake significant works for the community including major provision of benefits to the area under the process of the section 106 agreement. Please take the opportunity to comment on this application and let me have your views so I can incorporate them into my comments to the planning committee on this important application.

The Former Middlesex Hospital Site - Public Exhibition Display Boards -

Crossrail - Dering Yard - Extended Working Hours on Saturdays

For the latest updates on works by Crossrail please see the Information Sheet below.

c411-xrl-z-xbu-c125_ws085-50002_extended_working_hours_on_saturdays_at_dering_yard_grout_shaft_site -

Crossrail - Transforming Bond Street Station

For the latest updates and to see how progress is being made please view the Summer 2011 Newsletter from Crossrail below.

Transforming-Bond-Street-Station-Summer-2011 -

HMS Westminster

Westminster has a long and proud tradition of an affiliation with the frigate HMS Westminster and I was delighted to have had the opportunity to visit the ship in Portsmouth and to have a day at sea to learn more about how the ship works.

It was fascinating to meet the men and women who crew the ship and to learn more of what they do. It was also humbling to see the conditions in which they live in for weeks and sometimes months at a time. At times there can be thirty to a room with triple deck bunks that offer little or no privacy but they make do without complaint whilst serving their country. It is something of which we can all be proud.

The officers and crew showed us around the ship and demonstrated its capabilities and effectiveness. It has state of the art sonar, guns and a helicopter to allow versatility of operation. The ship is some four and a half thousand tonnes but can still travel, on its gas turbine engines, at some 28 knots which is very impressive.

The ship will be in Portsmouth later this year preparing to go off on active duties elsewhere and I thank all of the officers and crew for not only their hospitality, but for all the hard work that they undertake. 

Crossrail - Surveys at Davies Mews and South Molton Lane

Please see below the latest Information Sheet provided by Crossrail.

c411-pdp-z-xbu-c125_ws085-50002_surveys_at_davies_mews_and_south_molton_lane_july_2011 -

BBC - Portland Place Redevelopment Update

The year-long fit-out of Broadcasting House is now at the half-way stage, with progress well advanced on all floors. Please see the July 2011 Newsletter below for further information.

BH newsletter 24 FINAL -

Mayfair - Tadao Ando Water Feature

A new water feature has been unveiled in West End Ward. The Feature, designed by Tadao Ando and named Silence, can be seen outside the Connaught Hotel on Mount Street.

The feature has also been marked by a memorial to the late Deputy Mayor of London Sir Simon Milton. The Bronze Plaque is set into the pavement next to the water feature.

The works that have taken place enhance the experience for all those who live, work and visit the area, particularly pedestrians. Unnecessary signage has been removed and pavements upgraded and extended, with two new pedestrian areas introduced to the street.

Crossrail - Bond Street Station - Ground Treatment Works

Please view below the latest works notification from Crossrail which are due to begin on 20th July 2011.

LU Bond Street Activity Notification -

Mayfair - Oxford Street - Park House Redevelopment

Progress is being made on the redevelopment of Park House. Please see the July newsletter below to get the latest updates and pictures.

Park House Newsletter July 2011 -

Crossrail - South Molton Lane - Water Utility Installation

Please see below the latest update from Crossrail.

c240-xrl-z-xbu-c125_ws086-50002_water_utility_installation_in_south_molton_lane1 -

Pride - London 2011

Over a million people visited West End Ward on Saturday 2nd June to celebrate Pride 2011. The parade and festivities, which included bright and colorful costumes and floats, started from the BBC Broadcasting House making its way down through Regents Street and Piccadilly to finish at Trafalgar Square.

This event has support from all major political parties and was led by the Deputy Mayor of London Richard Barnes and other political representatives.

An eclectic mix of music, stalls and a good lineup on the main stage in Trafalgar Square kept the crowd entertained throughout the day and speeches were also given from the likes of England rugby union player Ben Cohen. Further entertainment was provided in Soho as the streets were closed to traffic allowing a street party to take place. Soho Square also played home to the official Pride Dance Stage.

Ronald Reagan Statue - Grosvenor Square

A statue of former US President Ronald Reagan has been unveiled at a ceremony outside the American embassy in Grosvenor Square to mark what would have been the former US president’s 100th Birthday.

The bronze statue stands at 10 foot tall and was specially built to recognise Mr Reagan's contribution to ending the Cold War and stands opposite the statue of President Dwight Eisenhower. A piece of the Berlin Wall will also be installed in front of the plinth.

Have Your Say on Policing in London

The Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) is consulting on London's policing priorities. Please make your opinions known by taking part in a short questionnaire sharing your views. To complete the questionnaire online please follow this link.

Please feel free to pass details of the consultation on to your friends, family or colleagues. The consultation closes on Friday 25 November 2011.

Pride 2011 - AIDS Memorial Quilt - On Display in West End Ward

The AIDS Memorial quilt is currently on display in West End Ward to mark this year's Pride celebrations.

The UK AIDS Memorial Quilt is made up of 48 large panels, each comprising six to eight smaller individual panels. Every individual panel commemorates someone who died with HIV ranging from Freddie Mercury to a three month old baby. Inspired by the World AIDS Memorial Quilt started in 1985 by long-time San Francisco gay rights activist Cleve Jones, the UK AIDS Memorial Quilt was created in the early 90's by The UK Names Project.

The quilt can be seen a t 26 Berwick St for the rest of this week .As well as a creative means of remembrance, the quilt aims to educate people about HIV prevention, fight stigma and bring home the message that this is no time for complacency. The complete AIDS Memorial Quilt now weighs an estimated 54 tonnes and is the largest piece of community folk art in the World. Thousands of individuals have contributed to the Quilt and it is still growing today. Each panel is 3 foot by 6 foot, approximately the size of the average grave.

The quilt can be seen on show from now until 2nd July in a space which has been provided by Shaftsbury Estates to whom I would like to express sincere thanks.

Crossrail - Bond Street - Groundwater Investigations

Please see below the latest works update provided by Crossrail.

groundwater_investigations_in_gilbert_street_davies_street_and_haunch_of_venison_yard -

Tree Planting - New Cavendish Street

Lord Robert Winston and the Lord Mayor of Westminster, Councillor Susie Burbridge, officiated at a tree planting last week to mark the successful introduction to the south side of New Cavendish Street (West End Ward) of part of the Marylebone tree grid. The work has been organised by the W1W Tree Initiative and Westminster City Council with the support of local hospitals including the Princess Grace Hospital and others. The Westminster Tree Trust also supported and contributed to the cost of the works.

New Cavendish Street forms a very important link between Marylebone High Street right through to the Camden border and forms the spine of the tree planting grid which is hoped to be completed by the Olympics. So far some 280 trees have been planted as part of this Scheme and this should increase to 500.

Lord Winston spoke of the calming affect of trees, their positive effect on the environment and spoke to local school children as to the improvement in air quality created by tree planting.

Soho - Food Feast - Saturday 25th June

Please show your support for the Soho Parish Primary School by attending the Soho Food Feast this weekend which is to be held in St.Anne's Garden.

Please see the poster below for further information about the event.

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Crossrail - Utility Works Update

For the latest news from Crossrail please see below the June 2011 Activity Notification Newsletter.

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Police Survey - Have Your Say

The government is planning to change the way police forces in England and Wales are held to democratic account.

In particular, they plan to abolish the existing Police Authorities, including the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) which scrutinises the Metropolitan Police on behalf of Londoners at the moment.

The government plans to replace each Police Authority by one person called the Police Commissioner for the area.  In London this role will be carried out by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime and the occupant of this office will either be the Mayor of London, or she or he can appoint the Deputy Mayor for Policing instead. (The current Chair of the MPA is the Deputy Mayor for Policing.)

The change in London is scheduled to take place from 1st October this year. The timetable for the rest of the country is unclear.

Londoners have not been consulted about the change, which is why the London Communities Policing Partnership (LCP2) is running this short survey. Please tell us who you want the Metropolitan Police to be answerable to, and we will pass your views on to the government. The Survey is open to everyone to complete and you are free to forward this email to anyone who you think might like to take part.

To take the survey please follow this link.

St Martin's College - Planning Proposals

Planning proposals have been submitted for converting the former St Martin’s College of Art building on Charing Cross Road for Foyles bookstore. There is a public exhibition open within the ground floor of Foyles which is running through to Sunday 19. Please do not hesitate to make your views heard or to contact Foyles if you would like further information.

Please see the short presentation below.

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