Crossrail - Bond Street Station - Update on Utilities Diversions

Following the meeting of the Bond Street CLG (Community Liaison Group) on 13th January 2011 Crossrail have now issued the latest bulletin in respect of the proposed works to Oxford Street and their ramifications for buses, utilities and traffic movements.

Crossrail have agreed that vehicular access will be maintained to Stratford Place at all times even though this will involve a significant detour passing over Oxford Street. They have also confirmed that ordinary vehicles (i.e. not buses and taxis) using this route will not be enforced against if they are travelling for this purpose.

Their plan is to show the requirements for the removal of 6 semi mature trees in order to undertake the diversions. I have sought and received their assurance that if possible these trees will be removed rather than felled and put into alternative locations and further that if this is not possible they will be replaced with trees of a similar age and species in order to restore the streetscape following completion of their works.

Crossrail will be applying for power to undertake the works between the hours of 06:00am and 10:00pm. This followed suggestion in relations to the utilities work at the eastern end of Oxford Street that the works could have been done more quickly and the overall inconvenience minimised. They were not able to give any assurance or estimate as to how long the works programme would be shortened if they were successful in their application to lengthen working hours.

Westminster Council Environmental Health Department have confirmed that any such application would be reviewed on its merit taking into account the concerns of any residents affected.

Crossrail also gave their assurance that the proposed lengthening of the work schedule until 2018 means that they will have the opportunity of removing more spoil from the tunnel works via the tunnel portals rather than through the shafts to be sunk on each of the station sites. They have said this will significantly reduce the number of lorry movements in and around West End Ward although we await final detailed figures as to what such reductions this will entail.

Below are the detailed slides, which show the work and the likely phasing for them.

Phasing Plan Key -

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