Licensing Enforcement Team - Premises Visits

The work of the Westminster licensing enforcement team on behalf of residents continued last week. The team has been to inspect the premises listed below: 

Katies, Lansdowne Row, W1 

The teams visit to the premises was in order to see if they are still breaching their tables and chairs license. The premises had the correct numbers of tables and chairs out, however, noticed buckets of hot coals and chimenees being used in addition to 2 large heaters (only authorised for 2 heaters). The team are to speak to the Food Team regarding safety aspects of the buckets of coals.

Cirque du Soir

Cirque du Soir, 12 New Burlington Street, W1S 3BF

The Company that owns premises licence has dissolved. The company was informed of this and the teams visit was conducted to ensure that they are not operating. The premises was closed, and a legal letter was put through door.

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