Police - Safer Neighbourhood Teams - Have your say

The Police are currently undertaking a review of their policy concerning Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs) and are looking for input from the local community as to how these can work going forward.

West End Ward is, as ever, unusual in as much as instead of having one Ward Committee with Ward Boundaries which are congruent with those of the Police and SNT it in fact straddles six SNT areas. 

These are listed on the right hand side of the toolbar together with a map showing the central area, including West End Ward and the various SNTs.

If the Police are to serve the local community guided by the SNTs going forward then this consultation and input is of great importance.

A link to the consultation is attached and, regardless of which SNT represents your particular area of residence or work you can complete the questionnaire with comments and suggested priorities.

The Police have a difficult and challenging job dealing with the requirements of West End Ward.  Those requirements differ greatly between the various parts of the Ward and your input on this will help them to marshal the resources available to them in the future for the benefit of the local community.

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