Transport - Air Quality

New Taxi Emission Standards are being intrduced which should improve air quality. West End Ward has more than its fair share of black cabs and the Mayor for London has announced new emission standards in order to help the fight to improve air quality in the West End.

From the 1st January 2012 no black cab over fifteen years old will be licensed by the Taxi and Private Hire Office. There are currently some 1200 cabs that are 15 years or older and they are amongst the most polluting.

They contribute significantly to the amount of particulates in the air. These are potentially hazardous to health and a reduction in them is welcome.

The air quality in the West End is amongst the worst in Europe and Westminster supports measures to reduce these particulates and improve air quality.

Further sequential improvements in the air quality through the introduction of less polluting buses and the further tightening of relevant regulations on Taxis and other forms of vehicles should help this process.

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