Licensing – Court of Appeal Victory – The Endurance and Sunset Strip

The Endurance
The Court Appeal found in favour of Westminster’s licensing policy at a hearing which took place recently and was reported last week
The owners of The Endurance pub had appealed against conditions which had been placed on the licence to the pub to prevent noise nuisance from taking place. The conditions mean that there is to be no outside drinking from 6:00pm in the evening.
The owners of Sunset Strip had also appealed against conditions placed on the licence by Westminster in order to maintain public safety and residential amenity.

Sunset Strip

These cases have been viewed by the licensed trade as a test case and a victory in the Court of Appeal supporting the position of the Council, its policy and the ways in which the individual licences are determined by the sub-committees mean that views of residents can be taken into account.

Everybody (including those hearing licensing cases) understands that this is about a balance between legitimate commercial activity and residential amenity. However, when that balance becomes out of kilter it is important that the Council has the ability to address the concerns of residents and put it right for the benefit of all.

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