Police Crime Statistics - Don't Panic!

On patrol with Soho Police
Nationally the police have recently introduced access to an information system which allows you to enter in your postcode enabling you to look at details of crimes which have taken place near to your home. Please follow the link here.

Having tried this myself some pretty high numbers occur in relation to some of the crime which is of concern to local residents and businesses. Consequently some of the streets are amongst the highest crime levels registered within the country.

Whilst we are all working to minimise crime, antisocial behaviour and its effects on residents and businesses it should be borne in mind that the West End is not an ordinary area for crime, nor do its statistics compare on a like-for-like basis with other areas.

Every Friday and Saturday evening there are up to half a million visitors that come into the West End for the shopping, leisure facilities and the night time economy. During the day large numbers of people work in the West End and may experience crime as may some of the hundreds of thousands of daily visitors. Crime statistics are often prepared on the basis of resident population figures of five or six thousand who live in Soho or Mayfair and we are effectively being compared with the crime levels that would be expected in a small country town,whereas the actual numbers here on a weeekend night are comparable with  a city the size of Leicester or Bristol.

Furthermore, the people that visit the West End are not the same people coming in week in week out and repeated messages on crime prevention relating to bag and telephone theft are difficult to disseminate.

The police work hard to get the message across, both to residents and visitors to prevent and deal with the consequences of crime. However, they need the communitiy's support and on this blog you will see links to the six SNTs which cover various areas of West End Ward. Those SNTs set the priority for the police at a local level and you are able to get involved and influence that decision by attending those meetings and making your views felt.

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