Transport - Oxford Street - Bus Diversions

Above: Bus Turning into Welbeck St.
Below: Works on Oxford St.

Oxford Street bus diversions were introduced on Monday and the road was closed to allow for the utility works to be undertaken.

The worst fears of gridlock caused by the bus diversions along the routes to the north of Oxford Street did not transpire and the Council, TfL and I have inspected these routes on a number of occasions of all hours of the day and have found them to be free flowing without major holdups.

Further monitoring will be take place at the weekend particularly, on Sunday when parking restrictions are relaxed to ensure that the buses can still pass.
However, the routes upon which the buses have now been diverted were not originally designed for bus movement and some of those have proved difficult as the pictures show. A build up of buses has occurred which has caused the occasional traffic snarl-up.

These routes may have been the only feasible ones available during the utilities diversions but, they must not be allowed as a precedent for permanent displacement of buses from Oxford Street either to the north or the south when the works have been completed.

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