West End Ward Budget

As we come to the end of the financial year, here is an update on what the current year’s West End Ward budget has been spent on.

1. We spent £9,856 supporting the Soho Business Crime Reduction Partnership by the purchase of radio handsets for the Scheme on behalf of the Metropolitan Police. The Scheme is supported by both the MPS and Westminster City Council but runs independently from them under a board of management which I chair.

The objective of the Scheme is to provide a radio scheme and intranet to businesses both during the day time and night time economy to help fight business crime in Soho.

2. The West End Community Network. A grant of £5,000 was made from the Ward fund to support a project coordinator for six months to help establish and coordinate the work of local amenity societies working in and around the Ward. Support was also given by the London Borough of Camden.

The group has now been formed and has commenced its role in working with others, including The Council to represent the views of residents.

3. Soho Caring Agencies Forum were granted £6,700 as part of the companionship plus scheme to encourage participation among groups of older residents in the Ward who do not usually attend social events. They have been encouraged to take part in board games and other activities as the photo shows.

A further award of £1,852 has been made to the Soho Caring Agencies Forum which is an organisation which seeks to coordinate the various caring agencies which operate in and around the Ward. This has been to fund a part time administrator to coordinate meetings going forward and was on the basis of matched funding by the agency themselves.

4. £499 was spent providing children’s entertainment including magic tricks and a parrot!

5. We spent £3,060 providing hanging basket brackets for the Meard Street and Dean Street Association as part of the project of providing hanging baskets in and around Soho. Soho lacks open space and the colour and greenery provided by the hanging baskets has been welcomed by all.

6. We spent £4,655 providing complementary therapies via The Munro Health Cooperative on the basis that only those over 60 and who are in receipt of state benefits or on a low income would qualify.
7. We spent £1,955.55 to cover a one years cost of the Soho Community Centre Trust's minibus to ensure that it was available to take local people on day trips, short break holidays and to and from hospital.

8. We spent £781.50 to allow pupils in years 3 and 4 to go on a trip to Highclere Castle (used as Downton Abbey in the recent television series) to look at the exhibition of the life of Lord Carnarvon and his work in Egypt.

9. We spent approximately £3,000 in relation to contribution to further tree planting in Fitztrovia as part of the W1W Tree Initiative. Although it has proved difficult to find suitable sites for planting in West End Ward, 14 trees were supported via this route, working together with the Westminster Tree Trust and the Westminster’s City Council Arboricultural Department.

There are a number of other projects under act and consideration and on the assumption that the Ward budget will continue next year, there is room for further ideas. If you have any suggestions for other ideas or projects which can be covered by the budget, particularly if they are different from the ones already supported, please let us know. However, it is unlikely that further grants will be made to support the cost of providing funding for specific employments.

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