Westminster Wardens

Last year Westminster reorganised its on street staff by creating the Westminster Wardens service.
The West End Ward team, led by Franco, have successfully dealt with a number of issues causing problems for local residents and businesses including ensuring the introduction of measures in GoslettYard dealing with commercial waste collections from the Tottenham Court Road Crossrail redevelopment.

They have also dealt with issues concerning commercial waste in Duck Lane, relating to illegal dumping and enforcement action is being taken against offenders.

The Wardens have been enforcing against commercial occupiers who have failed to purchase commercial waste disposal bags from the Council or any other authorised provider. These people are thereby effectively stealing from the Council by expecting there commercial waste to be disposed of for nothing whereas legitimate businesses make the appropriate contribution.

In Fitzrovia action is being taken in Riding House Street and Foley Street to tackle commercial waste bins being left out on the highway to ensure compliance with the appropriate waste procedures.

Problems have also occurred in Mayfair, including regular dumping in Grosvenor Street where the culprit has been identified and enforcement action is being taken.

The Wardens also work with the licensing and illegal street trading scheme; this includes work on unlicensed chairs and tables on the highway where a number of premises throughout the ward have been issued advice as to how to ensure compliance.

The Wardens have also worked with the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams in tackling illegal street traders in Oxford Street. They are also liaising with NWEC and SMC concerning complaints of the same issues.
Problems in Sackville Street and Piccadilly with advertising boarding’s illegally placed on the public highways have also been addressed, as have boards in Greens Court (Soho).

Working with the local highways inspectors the Wardens have identified skips, particularly in Mayfair which are unlicensed. These include two sites in Berkeley Street and Savile Row and another outside the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel on Brick Street which was removed. Signage in respect of road works has been undertaken in New Bond Street and highway faults identified for action.

Residents' Complaints:
Current work includes working with residents and others to resolve the issues of dumped waste in and around Hanson Street and to upgrade signage to inform people of when and where the waste should be removed properly.

Likewise the Hare Krishna Temple on Soho Street is now complying with proper waster disposal arrangements as a result of their input.

Ongoing problems with street urination on Manette Street have been addressed, but this is a very difficult matter to enforce upon because literally, as soon as the Wardens back’s are turned the problem reoccurs.

Persistent problems are occurring on Hollen Street with street urination, defecation and drug taking being identified. Working with the Police and the NCRO, progress has been made including improving the flushing schedule.

The Wardens service can be contacted on 020 7641 2000 or by email at wardens@westminster.gov.uk

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