Cleveland Street - Old Workhouses Listed

Although this property falls immediately outside the West End Ward boundary (as it is on the other side of Cleveland Street and therefore within the London Borough of Camden) the proposal to demolish the workhouses and replace them with a large residential development would have had great implications for the ward. There was particular concern that a large influx of new residents would impose undue pressure on facilities including schools and local medical facilities.

However, it was announced on the 15th March 2011 that following a campaign from local residents and others, that the workhouses have now been listed by the Department for Culture, Media and Science which means it is now extremely unlikely that any demolition of the structure and redevelopment of the site on the basis currently being considered by Camden will proceed.

The campaign to save these warehouses which have now been linked with Charles Dickens (who lived in Cleveland Street as a child), has united the opinions of Camden Borough and the West End Ward. There is hope that the cooperation that has been achieved can continue and that work on Cleveland Street, which provides an important link from Mortimer Street to the Marylebone Road  will now proceed. Plans are afoot for further tree planting and Public Realm upgrade and the number of projects for refurbishment of properties are now pending.

Now that the uncertainty around the warehouse has been resolved, it may help to speed this process.

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