Planning Application - 77 South Audley Street

A planning application has been made to the Council to convert an existing planning consent for offices to residential. This involves the retention of the existing listing faƧade of part of the building and the replacement of the current building to the south side (originally constructed in the late 60’s, early 70’s) with a new building which is more in keeping with its surroundings and constructed to a higher standard.

The building will be exclusively residential providing a limited number of large flats for which there is significant demand in Mayfair from local and international buyers.

The proposed project involves digging down beneath the current building to provide three layers of basement for parking, swimming pool etc… and all of the plant, required to surf the building is proposed to be enclosed within the appropriate acoustic enclosures.

Generally the Council welcomes the opportunity to provide further residential units and allows for conversion of commercial premises for such purpose. However, if you have any specific comments on this Scheme then please engage in the Council’s process of consultation which will run for next few weeks.

To view the full planning brochure please click here.
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