Soho - Berwick Street Market

It appears that progress may now at last be being made in relation to the upgrade of Berwick Street. Westminster City Council has instructed Lambert Smith Hampton to dispose of a long leasehold interest in the shops forming part of Kemp House. By doing so they hope to achieve, working in partnership with a commercial operator, an upgrade both to the existing shops and the ability to address the problems which have played the market over many years and have seen it decline to a shadow of its former self.

By carefully ensuring that the shops are distinctive and continue to provide a character for the local area, it is hoped that those which are empty can be filled with similar operators serving the creative industries in the area by providing specialist materials, trimmings, finishes etc…

It is also hoped that the market will become more popular and the empty spaces and stalls will be filled with market stalls which serve both the local residents and the broader residential and business community at large. In order to achieve this, any successful purchaser will need to comply with the Planning Brief which already exits for the area, which recognises its special status and its unique contribution to Soho. It also recognises the need to spend a significant sum in upgrading the facilities so that the market can comply with modern Health and Safety requirements as to electricity and water supply and broaden its scope and diversity.

Although it will take some time to select a suitable party to work with the Council, they will need to demonstrate appropriate experience and commitment to a Scheme, it is hoped that this will finally unlock this part of Soho over the coming years.

The fact that Trenchard House is also now likely to be disposed of its current owners, the HCA, means that there is a real probability that this area of Soho will improve significantly, providing much needed additional housing (of all kinds), shops and a fully revitalised market.

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