Walkers Court

An application for the refurbishment and redevelopment of Walkers Court is being made by the owners, Soho Estates Limited, to the Council.

Walkers Court forms an important link between Brewer Street and Peter Street and into Berwick Street.

As the plans for Berwick Street develop the opportunity of providing a longer link between Oxford Street in the north and Piccadilly Circus in the south, via Berwick Street, Walkers Court and Rupert Street can be explored to provide an attractive and pedestrian friendly route through the heart of Soho.

Currently, Walkers Court is characterised by its narrow aspect, dark pavements and preponderance of sex shops.

The proposal includes the covering over of the gap between the buildings to provide a more protected environment by the use of cantilevered structures. The proposal also anticipates a reworking of the floor surfaces to provide lighter and a more welcoming aspect with lighting at ground level. More importantly the proposal anticipates that the sex shops will be replaced with restaurants and other retail usages, thereby changing entirely the character and use of Walkers Court.

In addition the developer proposes to redevelop the properties on either side to make them more affective for modern usage.

One, possibly controversial, aspect of the proposal is to replace the old Raymond’s Revuebar neon sign which was on the Brewer Street frontage (on the right hand side) with a more modern LED advertisement panel which could vary the images portrayed upon it. The sign itself had become part of the iconic aspect of although it has been disused for many years.

Attached is a copy of the developer’s proposals so that those affected can review them in detail. This is currently out to public consultation and, as ever, I would urge you to make your views felt to the planners so that they can be taken into account as part of the process of consideration of this application.

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