Further Tree Planting - Fitzrovia

Recently Alan Titchmarsh celebrated the completion on the latest phase of tree planting in Great Titchfield Street (part of which is in West End Ward).

This means that yet another street has become lined with trees and a particular interest as the inclusion at the northern end of some elm trees which are the first to be planted in London for many years.

Following the ravages of Dutch elm disease many of the species were destroyed. It is possible that young people today will never ever see a mature elm tree in the way that they were common throughout the country up to some 25 years ago. However, the new species planted are resistant to Dutch elm disease and will in due course help to reintroduce the species both to London and elsewhere where they have been planted in numbers.

This Scheme has the support of the Forestry Commission as well as Westminster Tree Trust and Westminster’s own Arboricultural Department.

In addition a further £10,000 has been agreed to be paid by the developers of Clarges House on Piccadilly towards tree planting in West End Ward. Although there are difficulties in finding suitable sites, if you have any suggestions as to where trees could be usefully sited within West End Ward please let me know and I will arrange for suitability to be assessed.

Supporters of the W1W Tree Initiative

In the mean time, work for the next phases of the W1W Tree Initiative are being worked up as a joint scheme with the London Borough of Camden to create a tree lined Cleveland Street which forms the border between Camden and Westminster.

Finally, semi-mature trees have been sourced to be included within the recently consented Firmdale Hotels’ development at Ham Yard which is due for completion in late 2013. This will be a welcome addition to trees in Soho.

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