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Crossrail - Bond Street - Groundwater Investigations

Please see below the latest works update provided by Crossrail.

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Tree Planting - New Cavendish Street

Lord Robert Winston and the Lord Mayor of Westminster, Councillor Susie Burbridge, officiated at a tree planting last week to mark the successful introduction to the south side of New Cavendish Street (West End Ward) of part of the Marylebone tree grid. The work has been organised by the W1W Tree Initiative and Westminster City Council with the support of local hospitals including the Princess Grace Hospital and others. The Westminster Tree Trust also supported and contributed to the cost of the works.

New Cavendish Street forms a very important link between Marylebone High Street right through to the Camden border and forms the spine of the tree planting grid which is hoped to be completed by the Olympics. So far some 280 trees have been planted as part of this Scheme and this should increase to 500.

Lord Winston spoke of the calming affect of trees, their positive effect on the environment and spoke to local school children as to the improvement in air quality created by tree planting.

Soho - Food Feast - Saturday 25th June

Please show your support for the Soho Parish Primary School by attending the Soho Food Feast this weekend which is to be held in St.Anne's Garden.

Please see the poster below for further information about the event.

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Crossrail - Utility Works Update

For the latest news from Crossrail please see below the June 2011 Activity Notification Newsletter.

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Police Survey - Have Your Say

The government is planning to change the way police forces in England and Wales are held to democratic account.

In particular, they plan to abolish the existing Police Authorities, including the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) which scrutinises the Metropolitan Police on behalf of Londoners at the moment.

The government plans to replace each Police Authority by one person called the Police Commissioner for the area.  In London this role will be carried out by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime and the occupant of this office will either be the Mayor of London, or she or he can appoint the Deputy Mayor for Policing instead. (The current Chair of the MPA is the Deputy Mayor for Policing.)

The change in London is scheduled to take place from 1st October this year. The timetable for the rest of the country is unclear.

Londoners have not been consulted about the change, which is why the London Communities Policing Partnership (LCP2) is running this short survey. Please tell us who you want the Metropolitan Police to be answerable to, and we will pass your views on to the government. The Survey is open to everyone to complete and you are free to forward this email to anyone who you think might like to take part.

To take the survey please follow this link.

St Martin's College - Planning Proposals

Planning proposals have been submitted for converting the former St Martin’s College of Art building on Charing Cross Road for Foyles bookstore. There is a public exhibition open within the ground floor of Foyles which is running through to Sunday 19. Please do not hesitate to make your views heard or to contact Foyles if you would like further information.

Please see the short presentation below.

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Mayfair - Oxford Street - Park House Redevelopment

Quick progress is being made on the redevelopment of Park House. Please see the newsletter below to get the latest updates and pictures.

Park House Newsletter June 2011 -

Bond Street Station - Upgrade

Please see the letter below giving details of forthcoming changes to local traffic management around South Molton Street and Oxford Street.

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New Security Gates – Dufour’s Place – Soho

New gates have recently been installed to the rear entrance (10 Marshall Street) fronting Dufour’s Place.

This follows coordinated action between local residents, the Community Protection Department of Westminster City Council, the Property Department a Westminster City Council (that owns the freehold to buildings), local neighbourhood Police and others who were concerned about the use being put to the area which had formerly been accessible to the public.

There had been widespread drug abuse taking place there and recently a serious sexual assault.

Now that the works on Marshall Street are nearly complete the upgrade of the pavements, roadways and lighting within Dufour’s Place will proceed.

I attach a copy of the plan of the proposed upgrade with is currently out to consultation. If you have any comments please come back to me.
Local residents and I have welcomed the instillation of the gates which show a good example of how the community can work together to identify and solve problems of this nature.

St Patricks Church - Reopening

Hundreds of people attended the recent commemoration on the re-opening of St Patricks Church following its repair and redecoration.

The service of dedication was undertaken by Arch Bishop Vincent Nichols and the service was attended by many people including local residents, those working in Soho who worship at the church and representatives of those organisations who have helped to restore the church to its former glory and beyond.

In addition to the church itself the undercroft has been dug out and now provides a wonderful new community space which will be available to serve the needs of resident and visiting population.

This has taken some considerable time and has been complicated by the fact that the Crossrail Tottenham Court Road eastern ticket hall immediately abuts the rear of the church and there had been issues requiring protecting measures to ensure that the building itself is not jeopardised. Although the Corssrail works will continue for some time the achievements of these works means that this wonderful building, built on the site of a former brothel frequented by Cassanova, can now be fully restored both for the spiritual needs of the Catholic community and for the broader community which it will serve for many years to come.

Crossrail - Bond Street - Installation of Monitoring Equipment

Please see how the latest Crossrail update below could affect you.

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Crossrail - May Update

Please see below the latest Crossrail Newsletter from May 2011.

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City of Sculpture comes to West End Ward

A giant spinal sculpture, with twenty-four female torsos taking the place of curved vertebrae, has been installed in Cavendish Square today.

Cast in bone-coloured resin, Core Femme by Jill Berelowitz is the latest addition to Westminster City Council's City of Sculpture Festival. The works of art look to transform the West End into an open air gallery in the build up to the 2012 Olympic Games and Diamond Jubilee.

Core Femme is the seventh sculpture to have been installed, joining the likes of Bruce Denny's human sized sculptures in Soho Square, Lorenzo Quinn's Vroom Vroom features a vintage Fiat 500 being pushed by a giant child's hand on Park Lane and the Jelly Baby Sculpture in Marble Arch.

London Olympic Route Network - How it may affect you

Details of the Olympic Route Network (ORN) and the various restrictions proposed on traffic which will affect deliveries to businesses and access to premises within the West End Ward and beyond have been prepared. By visiting the site linked below you can see how these proposed changes will affect you. If you have concerns or suggestions they can still be incorporated into the consultation process.

Please bear in mind that not all of the events will take place throughout the entirety of the Olympics Games period. For instance the archery which is to take place at Lords Cricket Ground is for only three or four days and events in Hyde Park and on the roads of Westminster will be for specific dates only .

However other restrictions  will be imposed prior to the commencement of the games themselves and may last even after the games themselves are over. After the main Olympic Games there will also be the Paralympic Games which will require some, albeit lesser restrictions.

Although Westminster City Council has lobbied hard for the rights of residents and businesses in the affected areas the decision lies with the Mayor of London and the government as to the final nature and extent of the traffic restrictions required and to be imposed.

To find further information please go the the Olympic Route Network Homepage.

Westminster's Parking Policy Review - Phase 2 Consultation

Over the past few months Westminster City Coucil has been undertaking a major review of parking provision across the city. The second stage of that consultation is now underway.

The review may have significant impact on those who live or work in and those who visit the West End. If you would like to comment on the draft policy, please review these documents and send your comments on the draft policies and the questions to or by clicking here by 23rd June 2011.

For further information including the Cabinet Report on these policies, as well as the supporting evidence used to draft them, please follow this link.