London Olympic Route Network - How it may affect you

Details of the Olympic Route Network (ORN) and the various restrictions proposed on traffic which will affect deliveries to businesses and access to premises within the West End Ward and beyond have been prepared. By visiting the site linked below you can see how these proposed changes will affect you. If you have concerns or suggestions they can still be incorporated into the consultation process.

Please bear in mind that not all of the events will take place throughout the entirety of the Olympics Games period. For instance the archery which is to take place at Lords Cricket Ground is for only three or four days and events in Hyde Park and on the roads of Westminster will be for specific dates only .

However other restrictions  will be imposed prior to the commencement of the games themselves and may last even after the games themselves are over. After the main Olympic Games there will also be the Paralympic Games which will require some, albeit lesser restrictions.

Although Westminster City Council has lobbied hard for the rights of residents and businesses in the affected areas the decision lies with the Mayor of London and the government as to the final nature and extent of the traffic restrictions required and to be imposed.

To find further information please go the the Olympic Route Network Homepage.

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