New Security Gates – Dufour’s Place – Soho

New gates have recently been installed to the rear entrance (10 Marshall Street) fronting Dufour’s Place.

This follows coordinated action between local residents, the Community Protection Department of Westminster City Council, the Property Department a Westminster City Council (that owns the freehold to buildings), local neighbourhood Police and others who were concerned about the use being put to the area which had formerly been accessible to the public.

There had been widespread drug abuse taking place there and recently a serious sexual assault.

Now that the works on Marshall Street are nearly complete the upgrade of the pavements, roadways and lighting within Dufour’s Place will proceed.

I attach a copy of the plan of the proposed upgrade with is currently out to consultation. If you have any comments please come back to me.
Local residents and I have welcomed the instillation of the gates which show a good example of how the community can work together to identify and solve problems of this nature.

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