Police Survey - Have Your Say

The government is planning to change the way police forces in England and Wales are held to democratic account.

In particular, they plan to abolish the existing Police Authorities, including the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) which scrutinises the Metropolitan Police on behalf of Londoners at the moment.

The government plans to replace each Police Authority by one person called the Police Commissioner for the area.  In London this role will be carried out by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime and the occupant of this office will either be the Mayor of London, or she or he can appoint the Deputy Mayor for Policing instead. (The current Chair of the MPA is the Deputy Mayor for Policing.)

The change in London is scheduled to take place from 1st October this year. The timetable for the rest of the country is unclear.

Londoners have not been consulted about the change, which is why the London Communities Policing Partnership (LCP2) is running this short survey. Please tell us who you want the Metropolitan Police to be answerable to, and we will pass your views on to the government. The Survey is open to everyone to complete and you are free to forward this email to anyone who you think might like to take part.

To take the survey please follow this link.

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