St Patricks Church - Reopening

Hundreds of people attended the recent commemoration on the re-opening of St Patricks Church following its repair and redecoration.

The service of dedication was undertaken by Arch Bishop Vincent Nichols and the service was attended by many people including local residents, those working in Soho who worship at the church and representatives of those organisations who have helped to restore the church to its former glory and beyond.

In addition to the church itself the undercroft has been dug out and now provides a wonderful new community space which will be available to serve the needs of resident and visiting population.

This has taken some considerable time and has been complicated by the fact that the Crossrail Tottenham Court Road eastern ticket hall immediately abuts the rear of the church and there had been issues requiring protecting measures to ensure that the building itself is not jeopardised. Although the Corssrail works will continue for some time the achievements of these works means that this wonderful building, built on the site of a former brothel frequented by Cassanova, can now be fully restored both for the spiritual needs of the Catholic community and for the broader community which it will serve for many years to come.

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