Crossrail - Transforming Bond Street Station

For the latest updates and to see how progress is being made please view the Summer 2011 Newsletter from Crossrail below.

Transforming-Bond-Street-Station-Summer-2011 -

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2 Responses to “Crossrail - Transforming Bond Street Station”

  1. Dear Councillor.
    When is the estimated time for completion of all the Crossrail sites?


  2. There are 4 over station development sites in West End Ward and each has its own timescale. The Crossrail Project itself is due to be completed in late 2018 but much of the disruption associated with it will finish earlier.

    If you want more detail on any or all of the over station developments please let me know but it is fair to say that the developments are unlikely to be able to be completed before the stations open and that we are looking at ongoing construction until 2020.