HMS Westminster

Westminster has a long and proud tradition of an affiliation with the frigate HMS Westminster and I was delighted to have had the opportunity to visit the ship in Portsmouth and to have a day at sea to learn more about how the ship works.

It was fascinating to meet the men and women who crew the ship and to learn more of what they do. It was also humbling to see the conditions in which they live in for weeks and sometimes months at a time. At times there can be thirty to a room with triple deck bunks that offer little or no privacy but they make do without complaint whilst serving their country. It is something of which we can all be proud.

The officers and crew showed us around the ship and demonstrated its capabilities and effectiveness. It has state of the art sonar, guns and a helicopter to allow versatility of operation. The ship is some four and a half thousand tonnes but can still travel, on its gas turbine engines, at some 28 knots which is very impressive.

The ship will be in Portsmouth later this year preparing to go off on active duties elsewhere and I thank all of the officers and crew for not only their hospitality, but for all the hard work that they undertake. 

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