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No to Hate Crime – Vigil 2011

A fundraising event organized by the 17-24-30 group will be taking place at the Green Carnation in Soho on the 11th September, a date synonymous with hate crime.

The event is being held from 3-9pm and on display will be top cabaret entertainment, a raffle and an auction of goodies to help fund the No to Hate Crime Vigil 2011 that will be hosted at Trafalgar Square in October.

West End Luxury Stores Link With Their Tokyo Counterparts

Sales at Luxury Stores at the heart of London’s West End continue to go from strength to strength in spite of difficult economic and trading conditions elsewhere.

The centre of the Luxury Quarter is in and around Bond Street, St James’s, Jermyn Street, Savile Row and ‘Maison retail streets’ like Mount Street. The international importance of this exciting group of retailers has been recognised by a twining agreement with the Marunouchi Shopping District of Tokyo where a similar group of Luxury Stores catering to an international and discerning clientele have agreed to work together.

The New West End Company (NWEC) which represents business interest in Oxford Street, Bond Street and Regent Street and the surrounding areas have announced details of this arrangement underlining the huge importance to the West End economy of the Luxury Shops which encourage high spending tourists and local residents to enjoy the very best of retail available in the world.

Crossrail - Demolition Works

The Crossrail Information Sheet, displayed below, gives details of demolition works that will be taking place throughout August until November. Please read the information to see whether the works could affect you.

demolition_works_start_in_august_2011 -

Crossrail - BT Cabling Works at Night

Please see the latest update from Crossrail. Works are set to begin from 22nd August 2011 for three weeks.

bt_cabling_works_at_night -

City of Westminster - Canvasser Recruitment

Westminster is in the process of recruiting canvassers to help assist with keeping the electoral register up to date. Keeping an accurate and up to date record of who is entitled to vote is not just important for the democratic process but can help Westminster to ensure it receives its full allocation of Central Government grants. From an individual prospective it is used as part of the credit checking process.

This is an opportunity to help those objectives and make money. If you would like to know more about the recruitment process please read the attached file below. Contact details are also provided within the document so if you have any questions please get in touch directly with those undertaking the recruitment.

Canvasser Recruitment Ad -

Mayfair - Oxford Street - Park House Redevelopment

Quick progress is being made on the redevelopment of Park House. Please see the newsletter below to get the latest updates and pictures.

Park House Newsletter August 2011 -

London Riots - Convict and Evict!

Following the riots that have taken place over the past few days, anyone caught and convicted who lives in West End Ward could be evicted. Please click the following links to the Guardian Online, Conservative Home, and Huffington Post to read more on the approach from Westminster City Council.

London Riots - Update for Businesses

Please see the document below provided by the Metropolitan Police.

MPS_disorder_update_for_business_100811 -

Olympic Route Network Update

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will affect everyone who travels and works in London. Planning ahead is essential for businesses to minimise disruptions to their employees, their premises and their deliveries. Think about how the Games could affect you and make your preparations now.

To get detailed information on the Olympic Route Network and TfL’s plans for the Games follow this link - TfL - 2012 Olympic Games. Travel advice for businesses is also available here.

Attached below are links to various documents which give details of areas that will be affected by the Olympic and Paralympic Route Network.

Victoria to Embankment.
Parliment Square to Vauxhall Cross.
Cumberland Road to Serpentine Road (Hyde Park).
A4 Earls Court Road to Hyde Park Corner.

TfL have released Central London Zone maps that give details of temporary changes to Central London Roads during the Games. TfL are also running information drop-in sessions at the following locations:

+ Monday 22 August (11:00 - 14:00): Mayfair Library, 25 Audley Street, London, W1K 2PB.
+ Tuesday 23 August (16:30 - 19:30): Millennium Hotel, 39-44 Grosvenor Square, London, W1K 2HP.

Central_London_ORN_maps_complete -

The Former Middlesex Hospital Site - Exhibition Boards

A planning application is being prepared on behalf of the new owners, Exemplar Properties, in relation to this major site.

The application is significantly different from the consented scheme as it is to create a series of buildings of different styles and heights rather than the approach taken by the previous architects on behalf of the then owners, Candy and Candy. The new application preserves the chapel and the developers are proposing to include a health centre (to replace the one in Fitzroy Square in Camden) and to make available space to All Souls School for use as a multipurpose hall.

The composition of the scheme includes significant levels of both private and affordable housing as well as retail and commercial and provides a mixed development. .

The developers have undertaken some local consultation with residents and Amenity Society groups and that process will continue as the planning application is reviewed. A copy of the documents forming part of the planning application is shown below and any comments should be addressed to the planners under reference (to be allocated).

This is a major application and this will probably be the best opportunity to improve this site for the benefit of residents.

The developers will also be required to improve the Public Realm in and around the development and are being asked to include the planting of trees. They will be encouraged to undertake significant works for the community including major provision of benefits to the area under the process of the section 106 agreement. Please take the opportunity to comment on this application and let me have your views so I can incorporate them into my comments to the planning committee on this important application.

The Former Middlesex Hospital Site - Public Exhibition Display Boards -