The Former Middlesex Hospital Site - Exhibition Boards

A planning application is being prepared on behalf of the new owners, Exemplar Properties, in relation to this major site.

The application is significantly different from the consented scheme as it is to create a series of buildings of different styles and heights rather than the approach taken by the previous architects on behalf of the then owners, Candy and Candy. The new application preserves the chapel and the developers are proposing to include a health centre (to replace the one in Fitzroy Square in Camden) and to make available space to All Souls School for use as a multipurpose hall.

The composition of the scheme includes significant levels of both private and affordable housing as well as retail and commercial and provides a mixed development. .

The developers have undertaken some local consultation with residents and Amenity Society groups and that process will continue as the planning application is reviewed. A copy of the documents forming part of the planning application is shown below and any comments should be addressed to the planners under reference (to be allocated).

This is a major application and this will probably be the best opportunity to improve this site for the benefit of residents.

The developers will also be required to improve the Public Realm in and around the development and are being asked to include the planting of trees. They will be encouraged to undertake significant works for the community including major provision of benefits to the area under the process of the section 106 agreement. Please take the opportunity to comment on this application and let me have your views so I can incorporate them into my comments to the planning committee on this important application.

The Former Middlesex Hospital Site - Public Exhibition Display Boards -

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