Crossrail - Major Works - Soho Square

On the 12th September Crossrail are going to commence the sinking of four compensation grouting shafts in anticipation of the tunnelling works to come. These will require hoarding off areas of all four corners of the Square and to vehicular traffic in the northern part of the Square and the creation of the two way traffic scheme on the eastern side of the square to maintain what limited access will remain.

It will also involve the loss of a motorcycling bay, 29 pay by phone spaces and a car club space.

The details are set out below but I have been lobbying hard to ensure that Crossrail replicate the parking arrangements which are likely to be lost until 2015 when the works are due to be scaled down and complete.

I am also concerned about the affects on future events in the square, particularly during Olympic year and World Pride in 2012.

These works are yet a further inconvenience being placed on the West End by the Crossrail project and related utilities diversions. Whilst Crossrail may have the power, pursuant to the Crossrail Act, to undertake these work it is important that they realise just how inconvenient they are to residents and businesses and that they should work closely with the local community to minimize these adverse affects.

construction_of_four_grout_shafts_in_soho_square -

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