The Hog in the Pound - Demolition – South Molton St

Demolition is due to start on the old Hog in the Pound to facilitate its replacement with new building inspired by New York’s famous Flat Iron Building. 

However in the meantime this is going to cause a certain amount of additional problems for people in and around the area of Davies Street which will remain closed for utilities diversion work associated with Crossrail. The current temporary arrangement whereby traffic is allowed to go along South Molton Street in two way traffic and which uses South Molton Lane will have to provide for the demolition lorries as well. 

The proposal to upgrade the Public Realm in South Molton Street is also continuing and this will mean that the existing surfaces will have to be removed and relayed. 

The objective of this is to ensure that South Molton Street and the areas around it are in the best condition for the Olympics.

It is likely to lead to a difficult period of up to nine months where the work will be going on in tandem.

Crossrail are now proposing to keep Davies Street closed until the spring of 2012 although the works on the main carriage way of Oxford Street are due to be completed prior to the beginning of December. In order to facilitate this, Crossrail have applied for permission to work 24 hours although permanent resurfacing may be delayed until early 2012.  

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