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Crossrail - Diaphragm Walling Begins For The Western Ticket Hall

Please see below for the latest works to be undertaken by Crossrail.

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Vigil Against Hate Crime - Friday 28th October

A Vigil Against Hate Crime has been organised by 17-24-30 in partnership with the Harvey Milk Foundation will start from 7:30PM and a two minute silence for the victims of hate crime will take place at 8:00PM.

I am hoping to attend tomorrow to show my support for this worthy cause.

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The Soho Society – Business Re-Launch

The Soho Society, the Amenity Society which represents both residents and businesses in Soho re-launched its business group on Tuesday.

At a reception attended by the Lord Mayor of Westminster, Councillor Susie Burbridge, representatives of businesses including land owners, restauranteurs and others working in Soho met to discuss how to ensure that Soho’s business voice is heard in the processes in which the Amenity Society works.

As the statutory consultees on planning and licensing matters the Soho Society has to find a balance between the residential amenity of those living in the area and the proper interest of the business community that creates the vibrancy and character of Soho.

The reception was hosted by 40 Dean Street.

The Picture shows the Lord Mayor of Westminster, Cllr. Susie Burbridge, Simon Quayle (from Shaftesbury Plc) Nima Safaei (owner of 40 Dean Street) and me at the launch.

Mayfair - Oxford Street - Park House Redevelopment

Quick progress is being made on the redevelopment of Park House. Please see the latest newsletter for new updates and pictures.

Park House Newsletter October 2011 (2)

Organic kiosk to serve good food on Oxford Street

A Planning application has been made by Organic Joe’s which intends to bring reasonably priced homemade and wholesome organic food kiosk to the heart of London’s West End.

If approved the kiosk will replace the existing fruit stall which has been in the same family ownership for decades with a kiosk specially designed to sell organic food and drinks and to provide breakfast, lunches and snacks throughout the day to serve residents, visitors and tourists.

As far as I am aware this is the first fully organic kiosk in the West End and will add a healthy option to the choice of fast food available.

To view and to comment on the application please follow the link provided below.

Organic Food Kiosk - Reference Number 11/04289/FULL.

Carlisle Street – New Public Art

An application has been made for an exciting new addition to public art in Soho.

Base2Stay, the developers of the hotel currently under construction have made an application to put up a new art work depicting a fairy above a group of masks. The fairy represents Hypnos, Goddess of sleep, and the masks refer to the theatrical and cultural activities of Soho.

The work is by artist Hew Locke who is well known for his colourful and imaginative pieces elsewhere.

If the application is successful the piece has every opportunity of becoming a new landmark and a welcome addition to the area in the best traditions of public art.

Scheme for Public Art -- October 05

The Former Middlesex Hospital Site - Public Exhibition Boards

The planning application has gone to public consultation on behalf of the new owners, Exemplar Properties.

This is a major application and is a great chance for you to get your comments and ideas heard by sending an email to

You can view the Public Exhibition Boards by clinking on this link or by visiting

Berwick Street

Progress is now being made to achieve the objective of revitalising and upgrading Berwick St Market and the surrounding streets.

The Council is in discussions with an experienced developer with a view to investing both in the market and Public Realm whilst maintaining the unique character and tenant mix of the shops.

If all goes well a lease of the shops and offices will be granted which will ensure the necessary investment to improve and revitalize the market and surrounding areas.

The Evening Standard picked up on this last week and although no transaction has yet been agreed a copy of the article is below and a link to it is attached. 

Dying Soho market to be made into vibrant 'village high street'

The heart of Soho will be transformed into a bustling "village high street" under plans drawn up by Westminster council.

The authority wants to regenerate the historic but struggling Berwick Street fruit and vegetable market as a food thoroughfare for locals and tourists.

Local ward councillor Jonathan Glanz, who is also cabinet member for planning, said: "The plans we've been working on aim to revitalise the market and make it fit for the 21st century so that Berwick Street's status as Soho's high street can be restored."

The council is believed to be close to appointing veteran property developer Peter Beckwith's PMB Holdings as its preferred partner in the scheme.

Mr Glanz said Berwick Street needed major infrastructure investment including access to water and electricity for traders and providing proper storage for stalls.

The market, which dates from 1778, attracts only a fraction of the trade that it drew in its heyday after the Second World War, when the market was known for offering "exotic" foods such as olive oil that were then unavailable on high streets. Just a handful of traders now survive in an area that is a notorious haunt for drug dealers and prostitutes after dark.

Mr Glanz added: "It's just a shame that something that offers a direct route between Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus isn't working for whatever reason. It provides a wonderful opportunity to draw people into streets that are less polluted.

"The existing fruit and vegetable stalls provide a useful service to local people and we certainly wouldn't want to scare them away in favour of some organic, hand-knitted chi-chi option."

But Terry Townsend, 49, who has run a fruit stall on the market for 30 years, said: "I'm not at all optimistic, I'm a realist. There's not enough people walking through here. Twenty years ago, it would take you 15 minutes to walk down here. Now you can have a game of cricket and you won't hit anyone."

Crossrail - St George Street - Update

Accommodation facilities for construction workers will be located on George Street from today and will remain there for approximately five weeks. For further information on this please read the information sheet below.

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