The Soho Society – Business Re-Launch

The Soho Society, the Amenity Society which represents both residents and businesses in Soho re-launched its business group on Tuesday.

At a reception attended by the Lord Mayor of Westminster, Councillor Susie Burbridge, representatives of businesses including land owners, restauranteurs and others working in Soho met to discuss how to ensure that Soho’s business voice is heard in the processes in which the Amenity Society works.

As the statutory consultees on planning and licensing matters the Soho Society has to find a balance between the residential amenity of those living in the area and the proper interest of the business community that creates the vibrancy and character of Soho.

The reception was hosted by 40 Dean Street.

The Picture shows the Lord Mayor of Westminster, Cllr. Susie Burbridge, Simon Quayle (from Shaftesbury Plc) Nima Safaei (owner of 40 Dean Street) and me at the launch.

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2 Responses to “The Soho Society – Business Re-Launch”

  1. Is Jonathon Glanz standing next to Nima Safaei?
    Mr Safaei was recently convicted of GBH and handed a 15 month custodial sentance.
    He attacked someone on dean street in soho....a very community spirit driven action????
    Perhaps he is better behaved when he treats the councillor to dinner.

  2. He was found guilty of unlawful wounding in Soho, central London, on 4 June 2013. He threw a champagne flute at his 22-year-old victim as he walked past his restaurant. His victim suffered a wound to his head and ear.

    The judge said: "You claimed to have acted in self defence - you did not. There is no indication of any expression of remorse on your part... On the evening of June 4th you took exception to Mr Buttery's presence there and without any provocation you shouted offensive remarks towards him.... You contend Mr Buttery was encroaching on your personal property - he was not. He was walking down a public highway. Your remarks caused him to confront you as to what you were saying and why you were saying it... It was quite a deliberate act and clearly undertaken with some force as the glass cut the side of his head, shattered in the process and caused severe lacerations to his ear."

    It also seems according to the councillor's register of interests that ten days after this brutal attack the councillor and Mr Safaei had dinner.

    Hmmmm....the company our councillors keep huh