London Marathon

On Sunday 22nd April I will be taking part in the London Marathon 2012.

I have been threatening to run the marathon for years although I have done a number of half marathons. This year will see me reach a milestone which makes my reason to do so in 2012 very special. Eight days after the marathon I will be older than my father was on the day he died and I want to celebrate being alive and hopefully around for a while to come.

Training has been tough yet enjoyable and I am currently up to 19 miles as the map below shows.

I also want to help those who come to Westminster with high expectation that it will lead to a better life for them and often face the bitter disappointment of not being able to find a job, a home or happiness. The Connection at St Martin's in the Fields helps those who are excluded from other services put their lives back on track and I am proud of the work that they do in my Ward, in Westminster, and to help those who come from all over the world.

Please see my JustGiving page for further information. If you feel that it is a worthy cause please dig deep and donate now.

Training Route 

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