Don’t Miss Out - 7 Days Left To Register To Vote

Today marks a key milestone in the London election campaign. Voters in the Capital have just 7 days left to make sure they are register to vote on May 3rd.

If you’ve not already done so, you can download a voter registration form from – make sure it reaches your local authority by 12 noon on April 18th.

The result of the election battle between Boris and Ken will be crucial in shaping London over the next 4 years and securing the economic recovery, register to vote and make sure your voice is heard!

The choice on May 3rd is a clear one, between Ken’s unfunded spending spree, or Boris Johnson’s credible 9 point plan to keep London moving forward.

Already, Ken Livingstone has made at least £2.7billion worth of unfunded promises while campaigning to be Mayor. London cannot afford another 4 years of Ken.

To fund his 24 campaign promises, Ken would need to increase his share of council tax by £348 for a band D property over four years, and increase congestion charge by 42.1%. London cannot afford another 4 years of Ken.

Register to vote today, and make it count on May 3rd by backing Boris’s Greater London Plan:

Cutting waste at City Hall – freeing up £3.5 billion for services
Putting £445 back in your pocket by freezing the Mayoral share of council tax
Creating 200,000 new jobs over the next four years
Making our streets and homes safer with 1,000 more police on the beat
Restoring 300 acres of green space and planting 20,000 street trees
Investing £221 million to transform local high streets, supporting small businesses
Ensuring a true Olympic legacy – 11,000 new homes and 10,000 new jobs
Reducing Tube delays 30% by 2015. Building Crossrail and orbital rail to link our suburbs. Extending the Bike Hire scheme.
Securing a better deal for London from No 10

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