Better Off With Boris

This Thursday voters will have the chance to decide who runs this City for the next 4 years. The most important question to answer in making that choice is who has the best plan for the jobs and growth.

We need a mayor who will fight for London. We need a Mayor who can secure the best deal for London from Central Government. We need a Mayor who will champion London as a global business capital. Most of all, we need a Mayor who will take London forward, not back.

Londoners are better off with Boris Johnson. Take one example, under Ken Livingstone and Labour council tax rose by an average of 13% a year. In total, Ken put it up 152% which cost the average London household £964. Under Boris Johnson, council tax has been frozen for 3 years and cut this year.

Boris’s 9 point plan is right for the future of this great city. Only he can deliver for the West End. He is the only candidate who will cut waste at City Hall, reduce council tax, create 200,000 new jobs, protect green space, invest in transport, cut tube delays and ensure a true Olympic legacy.

Boris’ record in office over the last four years shows that he can be trusted to deliver:

1,000 more police on the streets
24 hour Freedom Pass delivered
Got rid of the Western Extension Zone of the Congestion Charge
Banned alcohol on public transport
Put 697 uniformed officers on the buses and Tube.
Got rid of the bendy bus and introduced a new Routemaster-style bus for London, built in Britain.
Saved billions in unnecessary expense at TFL, disposed of 23 buildings and 25% of the directors.
Froze the Mayoral share of council tax for three years and cut it this year.

The choice is clear this Thursday.

Vote for the right choice for London, Boris Johnson.

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