Water, Water, Everywhere

Dear Sir, 

I read with interest your comment on the availability of public toilets and water fountains in New York (WEE 27/07/12 ‘Do we need to spend more pennies on loos?’).  

My commitment to providing free potable water throughout the West End and beyond remains undiminished. Considerable success is being achieved working with land owners, businesses and the Royal Parks.  

New public water drinking fountains will continue to be added to new developments, such as Firmdale Hotels redevelopment of Ham Yard in the heart of Soho.  

Restoring old fountains has proved more problematic given the number of consents and approvals required. I am very happy to look at and learn from New York and elsewhere to further this delivery. 

Readers may be interested to see locations in the West End where drinking water is freely available via www.findafountain.org

Yours faithfully,

Member for West End Ward

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