Changes at the Churches.

Grosvenor Chapel
On Tuesday the Bishop of London (Richard Chartres) licenced the Reverend Doctor Richard Fermer to be Priest-in-charge of the Grosvenor Chapel in Mayfair.

The chapel is part of the parish of St. George’s in Hanover Square and is very much a part of the Mayfair community.

Richard speaks fluent German and Portuguese which will no doubt help with the international element to the local congregation. He will start to take services immediately and will officiate at the Remembrance Service on 11th November.

In the meantime St. Anne’s Church in Dean Street has announced that it has now found a new Priest in the form of Simon Buckley who will be formally appointed in February.

He will fill the role which has been vacant for some time and his background in film and the entertainment industry should stand them in good stead with the challenges ahead in Soho to rebuild the trust of the local community with the church.

A link to an article from the West End Extra setting out some of the details to his background is attached.

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