Fitzroy Place

I met with the developers of Fitzroy Place to review progress on the site and to discuss concerns of neighbours. From the attached photographs taken from the top of the adjoining building it is possible to see how large and complex the site is.

The removal of spoil from the site which requires up to 100 lorries per day is nearing completion and the raft of the basement should be completed by Christmas. There is one more tower crane to be erected to allow the surface cores to rise and in the New Year the steel work will start to be erected to show the full extent of the development.

The Chapel which is to be preserved as part of the development is now standing proud having been underpinned and its future secured through monies allocated as part of the planning permission so that it will be a place available to the Committee for generations to come.

The specific concerns about Cleveland Street and the damage to the roadway were addressed and the developers have assured the Council that the road will be completely made good following the development works and in the meantime will be maintained in a workable and safe condition.

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