MOPAC Challenge

This week I took part in the latest MOPAC Challenge following my appointment as an advisor on property to the Deputy Mayor for Police and Crime, Stephen Greenhalgh.

The MOPAC Challenge is an opportunity for the Mayor's Office publicly to hold the Metropolitan Police to account and scrutinise their plans for keeping London safe.

MOPAC have challenged to the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) to drive down crime in key categories by at least 20%; cut costs by 20%; and improve public confidence in policing by 20% over the next 4 years. To meet that challenge MOPAC and the MPS will seek to cut estate costs in order to support investment in front line policing and to get more 'bobbies on the beat'.

At this month's Challenge the Deputy Commissioner announced plans to review the MPS's currently 900,000sqM of estate across London to both save money and improve the quality of the police estate. Significant savings will come from the release of Head Office buildings, such as New Scotland Yard, which no longer meet the needs of 21st century policing.

Here you can watch a video of the Challenge meeting from October 30th:

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