Cross Rail Progress - New Street Level Maps

This week, TfL has launched a new tool to help residents keep track of progress with the Cross Rail Development.
The site provides information on the route and both tunnelling machines that are drilling the 21km of tunnels under London - known as Ada and Phyllis. As the tunnelling moves into central London and under the West End, you can keep up to date with the latest movements of the machines on the TfL 'near you' website.
You can zoom in - right down to street level - to see where the tunnelling machines are, currently beneath Hyde Park and Paddington Station, and they make their journey under the West End. The two machines have been tunnelling from their entry point near Paddington and will make their way across the Capital to create the new tunnels will house the underground sections of Cross rail. The line is due to be completed in 2018, providing passengers with 24 trains an hour through the city at peak times.
In 'near you' application also shows which sections are complete, and which areas are next.

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