Regent Street will reopen on Thursday 21 March 2013 by 6pm

Following my post earlier this month I am pleased that progress has been made on the full reconstruction of the carriageway and Regent Street will be reopened to traffic on Thursday 21 March 2013 by 6pm, ahead of schedule.

The unfortunate Thames Water burst water main has resulted in a huge amount of cooperation and everyone has taken advantage of the road closure required on safety grounds to undertake other works. This is great news for residents and traffic and will keep London moving for many months ahead without further disruption.

Thames Water undertook 500 different maintenance activities within 75 different excavations to ensure that all of its valves, fire hydrants and pipes are now in the best condition possible and reconstructed a significant part of the concrete slab at the junction damaged by the burst main.

56 cubic metres of concrete (140 tonnes) has been poured to replace the damaged concrete slab at the junction after removing over 500 tonnes of material including planning of the whole junction (over 30 lorry loads).

In the spirit of cooperation, a number of organisations pulled together to deliver this work:
  • National Grid Gas plc stepped in at short notice and allowed use of its core and vac system to explore for potential voids beneath the concrete slab.
  • UK Power Networks made two electrical disconnections in under 12 hours to allow for the removal of two lamp columns removed during construction of the ventral islands It promptly reinstated excavations in Vigo Street to allow it to be reopened to traffic between its junctions with Savile Row and Sackville Street.
  • TfL diverted buses, put in two bus shelters whilst Regent Street was closed to traffic and placed traffic signals loop detectors in the base course of the carriageway to avoid the need for slot cutting through the wearing course. 
  • BT quickly responded to requests to repair its frames and covers at the junction.
  • City of London Telecom (CoLT) and Cable and Wireless replaced several covers and frames along Regent Street.
  • Westone (J Murphy and Sons Limited) installed rapidly the new traffic islands
  • Westone (FM Conway Limited) has executed re-surfacing work and used the latest pavement technology around utilities' covers to try and protect the carriageway from premature failure
  • Road Traffic Solutions was responsible for the traffic management funded by Thames Water and helped maintain access to the Café Royal Hotel London  
Well done to all those involved in getting Regent Street reopened on time!

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