Right to Buy discount extended to £100,000

Perhaps the most significant move in Last week’s Budget is the extension of the Right to Buy discount to Londoners to £100,000. Yesterday that discount extension came in to effect.

Margaret Thatcher first created the Right to Buy in the 1980s so that everyone, not matter what their background, could have the same chance to get on in life. This Government have re-energised Right to Buy so that aspiring social tenants have a realistic opportunity to purchase their home in today's market. 

After years of restricted discounts and dwindling sales, the Government reinvigorated the Right to Buy last April, and is now going further for Londoners – recognising the unique position of our housing market and reflecting the higher property values and placing that dream within reach of thousands of Londoners previously excluded.

Since its introduction in the 1980s Right to Buy has helped almost 2 million households to experience the benefits of home ownership.

Residents interested in the scheme should visit www.gov.uk/right-to-buy-buying-your-council-home/overview for further information and details on how to apply to buy your home.

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