Soho gets a new Landmark

The new sculpture of Selene, a piece of public art created on the façade of the Nadler Soho Hotel in Carlisle Street was revealed last week.

The work is by Hew Locke from Guyana and represents Selene, Goddess of the moon and of magic. Locke was inspired by Soho’s long tradition of association with the creative arts and Selene represented as a black woman is surrounded by a galaxy of floating stars. The sculpture incorporates the masks associated with drama since Greek times as well as representing Hypnos, sleep, which will hopefully be available to the guests in the hotel behind triple glazed windows!

The work was further inspired by the artist witnessing a group of tall glamorous drag queens parading down the road in Soho at three in the afternoon but also has references to Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream as well as the Queen of the Night and to Ziggy Stardust representing the range of diversity, activity and influences in Soho and the surrounding area.

It is great to welcome such an important piece of public art in Soho and I hope it will become a new landmark as well as setting a new quality threshold for future works on other new developments.

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