Action on West End parking bays

CrossRail and other works in Soho are causing major disruption to parking, and this disruption is likely to continue for a number of years.

I am acutely aware of the frustration these works and the suspension of parking bays cause for residents and businesses in the West End. I have been in constant contact with CrossRail and others to provide solutions which mitigate the impact and to secure alternative provision of parking bays to help minimise disruption.

Despite extensive discussions and assurances before major works started in Soho, unfortunately commitments which were made have not been delivered. As ward councillor I have been working on your behalf to keep the pressure on to ensure alternative parking bays are provided.

I am happy to report that this week I have received confirmation that replacement spaces will be available from the middle of June. Westminster City Council have instructed contractors to carry out the necessary works.

Additional parking bays will be provided across Soho and implementation is expected to start on 17th June. This will deliver additional parking to replace the spaces lost by the ongoing works which will include:

Pay by Phone 12 bays (63 meters)
Residents’       9 bays (46 meters)
Shared             6 bays (30 meters)
Car Club          2 bays (10 meters)
Motorcycle      1 bay (6.4 meters)

The map below shows where new parking spaces will be made available.

Soho parking bays -

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