Power Supplies - Ensuring Continuity

West End residents and businesses will be only to well aware of the problems that there have been in relation to the electricity supply affecting the Ward over the lat few years.

We have seen regular and prolonged blackouts effecting theatres, the entertainment areas of Soho and residential areas to the north and south of Oxford Street.

I have been in dialogue with UKPN in order to ensure that the complex system that supplies the entire power requirement of the West End is robust and reliable and that the issues of both capacity and
of future proofing are being addressed.

There are major works pending which should upgrade both the supply and its reliability.

As part of this I took the opportunity to go into the major substation which is beneath Leicester Square and see for myself what happens. This substation connects directly of that under Brown Hart Gardens and also interconnects with other parts of the city to provide the main high voltage intakes powering the West End. UKPN need further major substations of this kind to meet projected demand and Westminster are looking at the opportunity of providing them with under utilised space from within their own portfolio to meet such demand.

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